Refutation: Nigeria’s Boko Haram: More Misunderstander’s of Islam?

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem
بِسۡمِ ٱللهِ ٱلرَّحۡمَـٰنِ ٱلرَّحِيمِ ,

Our favourite propagandist/ anti-intellectual has made an epic return. After a few embarrassing round of posts, Chessie L. Edwards, commonly known for his hate rhethoric has decided to make another erratic post on his already failing blog. Most of us would have heard about the tragic terrorist attacks in Nigeria on Christmas day, which as Muslims was condemned throughout the world. In fact, here’s a handy list of fatwas and statements by more than 100+ Islamic scholars condemning terrorism in the name of Islam.

While the incidents on Christmas Day were indeed tragic, it was even worse to see Christians such as Chessie L. Edwards, milking such a tragedy for views on his website. I apologize to all those who had to read his abusive and incoherent, drunken tirade against Muslims on that day. Chessie L. Edwards began to attack all Muslims for the actions of a few, just as his forefathers did (3 Crusades, hundrends of thousands dead):

Yet another Terrorist group on the arise killing at will and destroying kafir law and order with impunity.

Does Chessie L. Edwards not read about his own Christian brothers raping, maiming, slaughtering and committing genocide in Africa:

The LRA rebels stated that they fought for the establishment of a government based on the biblical Ten Commandments. They were notorious for kidnapping children and forcing them to become rebel fighters or concubines. More than one-half-million people in Uganda’s Gulu and Kitgum districts had been displaced by the fighting and lived in temporary camps, protected by the army.

In fact, he goes on to ask why American Islamic Organizations didn’t send scholars to teach/ correct the beliefs of the Nigerian terrorists, therefore we must ask the same question to him, Chessie, why don’t you and sam shamoun go and teach the LRA not to rape women and kill babies? Are you too busy pointing the fingers at Muslims to not correct your violent brothers in the name of Christ?

In fact, the Christians in Nigeria, instead of turning the other cheek, decided to kill Muslim children in a bomb attack on an Islamic school:

A homemade bomb was thrown into a madrasa in Delta State in southern Nigeria, the police said, wounding seven people and escalating already uneasy tensions between Muslims and Christians after several church bombings across the nation. Six of the wounded were children younger than 9.

Would Mr. Edwards kindly go and teach the true teachings of Christ to the Christian murderers and rapists in Africa, or as always, is he just sitting behind his computer attacking Muslims and messaging young Muslim boys on the internet still?

wa Allaahu Alam.
[and God knows best.]

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