About Us

We’re a group of young Muslims who operate according to 8 main principles:

  1. Clarifying that Islam is the only religion acceptable to God.
  2. Clarifying the principles and teachings of Islam so that others may understand what it is about.
  3. Declaring Islam’s innocence from the false allegations made about it.
  4. Boosting the morale of Muslims who especially live as a minority in countries where missionaries are active in their evangelism.
  5. Supporting the stance of Muslim minorities and help them demand their rights.
  6. Helping create mutual understanding and encouraging peaceful co-existence with the disbelievers living next to us and to prevent fitnah.
  7. Clarifying the reality and truth of other religions through the lens of Qur’an and Sunnah.
  8. Inviting the People of the Book to their true original religion and making apparent the corruption which crept into their books.

These principles were adapted from Br. Bassam Zawadi’s translation of Dr. Sahl bin al-‘Otaibi’s, “al-Ahkaam wal-Dawaabhit al-Muta’aliqa bil-Hiwaar ma’a Ghayr al-Muslimeen ” – (The Rulings and Criteria Related to Dialogues with Non-Muslims).

We strive to respond to criticisms against the faith of Islam, in a responsible, academic and respectful manner, while adhering to the delimits of Islam. Our site’s title, is meant to convey the idea that we are calling Christians to the truth of Islam. This does not mean that we do not respond to criticisms from atheists, or members of other ideologies, however our main focus would be in responding to missionary allegations about Islam.

The Islamic belief from which we defend Islam, is that of Ahlus Sunnah wal Jama’ah. We do not hold to the beliefs of modern reformist sects such as Hadith Deniers or the Ahamadiyyah. We do not support whether publicly or privately, any group which engages in acts of terrorism. Articles and comments on political situations are representative of the author’s views themselves and not necessarily that of any other member of the Calling Christians team, inclusive of our Resident Scholars.

It should be noted that we are not an Islamic Question and Answer site for Jurisprudence (Fiqh), while the questions we respond to may be ‘fiqh’ related, we are not jurists (fuqaha) and as such, we will not be responding to such questions. Should you be looking for such a website, you may consult: Islam QA

Our main author, is Br. Ijaz Ahmad who is sometimes identified as Calling Christians on several social media platforms and communication software such as Skype and Paltalk. This site was founded in 2011 and is currently on revision 3.

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