Responses to the most common questions about Islam, as submitted by both Muslims and non-Muslims. If there is an answer not present, but you would like to see, please submit your question(s) through the Contact Us page. Similarly, if there is an answer but there is an error or if you do not understand the response and would like it explained, you can can use the Contact Us page and we’ll try to assist.

This page is still being updated with all of our recent articles. Progress: Page 33 [last updated 01.08.15].

Allah (God)

Qur’an (Scripture)



The Early Christian Church:

Problems with the Islamic World

Historical Problems

Trinity/ Christian Beliefs About Jesus and God

Soteriology (Salvation in Islam and Christianity)

Prophet’s Lifestyle (Marriages, etc)

Women in Islam


Islam 101



Science in Islamic Literature


Terrorism & Violent Groups


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