Muslim Apologetics Podcast

The Muslim Apologetics Podcast (MAP) is an Islamic apologetics platform, for debates, dialogues, discussions and more. MAP seeks to engage in discourse on all levels, ranging from faith to culture, and politics. The core team of MAP includes Br. Abu Ayoub of Simply Seerah, Br. Yahya Snow of The Facts About Islam (and Blogging Theology), and Br. Ijaz Ahmad of Calling Christians (and the Muslim Debate Initiative).

Meet the Muslim Apologetics Podcast Team:

Br. Abu Ayoub is a Muslim apologist who has for many years worked with various scholars and organizations where he spent most of his time earning experience in presenting Islam to the public, usually to non-Muslim interest groups. His interests include secularism, theology, historical teachings of the early Church (Patrology), the preservation of the Qur’an and politics (including efforts countering Islamophobia). Currently his articles can be found on the Simply Seerah website and his videos can be found on the Simply Seerah YouTube channel.

Br. Yahya Snow is a well known Muslim apologist who for many years has been producing a constant and consistent stream of video content countering Islamophobes. His views range topically from debunking missionary claims against Islam to exposing extremism, and hate against the wider Muslim community. At present, he blogs on three blogs, The Facts About Islam, Blogging Theology and Discover the Truth.

Br. Ijaz Ahmad is a Muslim apologist from the Caribbean country of Trinidad and Tobago. His areas of study include the preservation of the Qur’an, the preservation of the New Testament, Graeco-Roman and nascent Syro-Arabian Islamic history.

The Muslim Apologetics Podcast’s content can be found via our MAP YouTube channel and our MAP Facebook page.