While there are many da’wah related pamphlets in circulation, it is very difficult to find any Islamic apologetics pamphlets. We’ve taken the initiative to design several pamphlets which directly respond to missionary pamphlets, tracts and popular arguments. All of our pamphlets are offered for free download and distribution. Additionally, each pamphlet has two versions; black and white, and colour. The reason for this is that groups who wish to print these pamphlets will have to adjust their budgets given their financial limits. Colour pamphlets are usually much more costly to print than black and white versions. Merely converting the coloured pamphlets to gray-scale would impact image quality and as such, this is why two versions are being offered. We’ve opted to keep our designs minimalistic, while being written in simple English; no complicated arguments or language.

The pamphlets are in English, but we will be offering them in Arabic, French and Spanish soon. This means that our selection of pamphlets would be able to cater to as many people as is possible. The technical information on all of our pamphlets is as follows:

  • Free.
  • Offered in Colour or Black and White.
  • Offered in English, but will be translated into Arabic, French and Spanish.
  • Standard A4 sized paper.
  • Landscape Orientation.
  • Three Column Format.
  • No Arabic Qur’anic Passages.
  • The use of God in place of Allah.

Illustration of page distribution (Outside of Pamphlet):

Pamphlet Order Outside

Illustration of page distribution (Inside of Pamphlet):

Pamphlet Order Inside


Available Pamphlets:

  • The Ontology of God in Islam and Christianity: A Comparison.

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