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Note: As of June 15th 2021 our email address has changed to:

Contact can be made by using the form below, from which replies will be sent to the email address provided. If you have sent a message and after 1 week have not yet received a response, please do resend at your earliest convenience. Abusive and intolerant messages are not acceptable and thus, will not be responded to.

Replies will be sent to your inbox from ‘‘.  Naturally, messages which deal with the content on this website or officially sanctioned statements/ writings/ media or other forms of publicly distributed materials will be given first preference.

Readers are welcomed and strongly urged to inform us of any factual, referential, academic or content (media, dead links, formatting, spelling, etc) errors spotted on the website and social media platforms. Copyright holders with issues of infringement are also strongly encouraged to inform us at their earliest convenience, so that the relevant actions can be  taken. 3rd party content issues should be directed to the source of the content, e.g. YouTube , Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Please ensure that the “Message Type” field is accurately selected before sending your message.


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