Christian Militants Fighting in Ukraine: Protestant Churches vs Orthodox

A recent video by Vice news, purports to show Christian militants fighting each other over sectarian beliefs in Ukraine. Russian Orthodox militants versus that of Protestant militants. Very interesting that not a single Christian leader has come out to condemn these Christian militants who claim to kill in the name of Christ.

A Christian militant at 8:43 in the video says:

Reporter: What is this building?



Militant: This building used to be a Baptist sect.



Reporter: What happened to them?



Militant: I don’t know, when the war started they disappeared. I guess they left. There is only one faith, Orthodoxy. I am Orthodox. It was left to us by our ancestors and the Baptists are schismatics. It’s American propaganda. Which fills the head of our people, the Russians, the Slavs, which results in what you see now, the war.



Reporter: Will you allow them to return?



Militant: Personally I wouldn’t let them come back. Not the Baptists, not the Evangelists, not the Catholics, not the Greek Catholics. None of them. Because I took up arms so that we could have an Orthodox State.

The DPR’s Deputy PM said at 14:41 in the video:

The issue could be forced eviction, but it’s possible that the issue was that the Protestants for the most part do not support us.

At 15:00 in the video, the interview continued:

Reporter: How important is the Orthodox Church to the DPR and to you?



DPR Dept. PM: It’s very important. According to the ideology we are building, we would very much like to maximally integrate the Orthodox Church into areas that concern morals, in areas that concern family values, and so on. If the Church has more direct influence – Let’s say the state even makes the Church a part of the state in certain areas. Orthodoxy is one of the foundations of our statehood….

We have yet to see a single Christian leader condemn this violence in the name of the Christian faith. Baptists such as James White, or apologists such as David Wood, Sam Shamoun, Walid Shoebat, or even Islamophobes such as Pamela Geller or Robert Spencer. They all usually have a lot to say when Muslims are involved, but they are eerily silent when it comes to Christian on Christian terrorism and militancy.

and Allah knows best.

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