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Missionary Mishap: Seeing Jesus Challenge

On January 8th (2017), Neil Littlejohn, or as he is fondly called by his friends and family, Colin made it known that he had a vision of Jesus:


He challenged anyone, quite literally, anyone to have him tested with a polygraph to verify that he wasn’t deluded or lying. Unfortunately, it’s been almost a week later and after offering to pay for both a polygraph test and a psychological evaluation, Colin (or Neil, or whatever identity he assumes today) has failed to take up the offer, after having put out the challenge himself.


Has Colin/ Neil realised he was deluded and now does not want to expose himself by being tested? The challenge still stands, and so does our acceptance of the challenge. We await his response, if he ever decides to give one. However the chances of him accepting are slim, he knows he’s lying. Only time will tell.

and God knows best.

Missionary Mishap: Neil Littlejohn’s Liberation

Neil Littlejohn known as Collin, is “celebrating” his liberation from Islam while wearing Islamic clothing, keeping an Islamic style beard and an Islamic name. Quite the “liberation”! Though, while he reduces this year, 2016 to be the year of liberation from Islam, he seems to have forgotten that he changed his religion three (3) times in one year, the year of 2016:


Or that he changed his faith over 6 times in the last decade or so. Awkward!

and God knows best!

Drugging Muslims Because They’re Not Christian

I was recently made aware of an extremely disturbing post on Yahoo Answers where an apparently Christian user  was angry at one of their family members converting to Islam and marrying a Muslim. Upset at the conversion and at their presence at dinner, the Christian intended to spike their drinks with the sleep aid melatonin:


Foregoing the finer details (such as the Christian assuming the Muslims would drink alcohol), it’s the ethical and moral problems that are strikingly worrisome about this post. While melatonin itself can be harmless, its interactions and side effects are not. WebMD lists the following interactions:


Without knowing the medical history of a person, administering drugs without their consent, even if you believe the drug to be harmful is wrong. The consequences of spiking anyone’s drinks for any reason, can never be justified and should not be encouraged. While I am deeply disturbed by the posting and the hatred in the heart of the person willing to put a family member’s life at risk (driving home while on melatonin can lead to an accident, as it falls under operating heavy machinery), we hope that users can flag and report the posting.

We all have differences in beliefs, but even if we harbour some form of enmity or dislike for a people, just as the Qur’an says, do not let your personal inclinations prevent you from being just and upright in your interactions:

“O you who believe! Stand out firmly for Allah and be just witnesses and let not the enmity and hatred of others make you avoid justice. Be just: that is nearer to piety, and fear Allah. Verily, Allah is Well ­Acquainted with what you do.” – Qur’an 5:8.

and God knows best.

Missionary Mishap: Made Up Sources

This Missionary Mishap is quite hilarious. A polemicist became quite angry at one of my posts on Facebook regarding New Testament Textual Criticism. In my dialogue with Dr. White (1, 2, 3) I mentioned several sources for my research and arguments regarding the variant units of John 9:38 and John 20:28. One polemicist, a Kelly Melissa Mullen however, found me on Facebook and for some reason or the other, felt the need to tell me what sources I used, that I had copied my arguments from Dr. Ehrman and from some obscure book written more than a decade ago:


After having made it clear over 20 times that neither Dr. Ehrman nor the aforementioned author in her comment were my sources, she continued to insist that they must have been. Why is that? Well she explains herself as follows:


She thinks because my argument is similar and found elsewhere, despite earlier claiming it was an argument no other textual critic had used, she insisted that it must have come from Dr. Ehrman who is a textual critic. So in her mind, her logic flows as follows:

  • Ijaz has made claims that no other textual critic has made.
  • Dr. Ehrman who is a textual critic made a similar claim.
  • Therefore Ijaz made a claim that no other textual critic made, even though she argues my source was a textual critic, that of Dr. Ehrman.

The cognitive dissonance is palpable to the point that the Chinese government would warn you from going stepping into her home. To her, I made a claim no other textual critic would make, but my alleged source is a textual critic. Quite brilliant. She then had the audacity to tell me over 13 times that Dr. Ehrman must have been my source. Must have. I simply told her to watch my videos on the topic, I named several sources, none of which were Dr. Ehrman. So why did she claim him to be the source? Oh, because he may have said something similar to what I said. Unfortunately for her she was not familiar with the concept that correlation does not imply causation. I actually pointed this out to her:


I ended the conversation with her, because she continued to insist that she knows better than I do, what sources I did use. A dialogue by definition involves two or more people (that’s what the di in dialogue implies), but to her, my own words about my own sources did not matter. What she assumed my sources to have been, must necessarily have been my sources. She was in effect having a soliloquy, something I mentioned to her.

She argued that she wanted to continue the “dialogue” with me, but the question begs itself, if you reject what the other person says, with your imagined conclusions, then where is the di in dialogue?

and God knows best.

Missionary Mishap: Muslim Funeral Rites?

This is a tough one to explain. I thought I’d heard all the bad, ridiculous and inventive lies told about Muslims, but this one was funny, until I realised the guy was seriously taught these things. It would seem that spending too much time watching David Wood or Jonathan McLatchie videos would incline someone to think this way…

Note: Please click image to uncensor it. The image contains bad language. (NSFW)


Please Click Image to Uncensor (NSFW)

and God knows best…

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