Missionary Mishap: Christians Cannot Lie

As the fall out from the debate I had with Joseph Jay Smith continues, a peculiar comment was made on my video that simply had to be addressed. The comment you are about to see, exemplifies the type of Christian that is following Joseph Jay Smith.


According to this Christian fellow, Joseph Jay Smith is a Christian, and as a Christian he cannot lie. Which means that whatever Joseph Jay Smith says, will always be true. This is the kind of intellect that Jay’s rhetoric appeals to, one of deifying humans and discarding basic logic altogether. Isn’t this what cults do? You can’t question Jay, whatever he says must be right because he said it.


and God knows best.


  • The guys name sounds indian so i assume he was a hindu before he converted to different version of hinduism (kristianity)

    It is not suprising that he made jay into saint,hindus worship anything and everything so this guy love of jay smith has blinded him. kristians worship god in the form of man so it is not suprising to see this guy making jay into saint. I recently read a comment where a chinese guy was ready to worship israeli because israel is gods “first begotten”

  • What Christians don’t tell lies, Duck duck doesn’t tell lies in his translation of the quran? Every single Christian i have debated with tells lies.and not small white lies.They are compulsive liars.
    The concept of Jesus they believe in is a lie, when a christian opens his mouth and talks of the trinity it is a lie, so to say Christians don’t lie is a lie in itself. Every single post they make they lie about the prophet Muhammad (saws) about Allah and about the quran, they twist verses mistranslate all this is lies. Duck duck in his Translation of the Quran start by saying Allah is LORD OF THE WORLD knowing full well that the quran says Rab ul Aalamin. Plus all the other lies he tells to non arabic speakers.So they are all liars, Christianity has survived today because it thrives on lies. All these missionaries went around the world using lies to convert people

  • BY the way when Jay smith masqueraded as a muslim going to Africa to convert muslims was that telling the truth then, Lying and pretending to be a muslim even changing his name and growing a beard. So we can see how these people are compulsive liars yet they will say they don’t lie.

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