James White Lied to his Audience, Fails to Fulfill his Offer

As most would know, at the end of my discussion with James on his Dividing Line program, he offered me a copy of his book, “The Forgotten Trinity”. After emailing him (numerous times) and failing to receive a single response, I have bought the book myself. It would seem that James was very happy to deceive his audience by pretending to send me a copy of his book, his attempt at extending a hand towards interfaith dialogue was nothing more than a charade to boost his ego.


I have already read one chapter of the book provided by a colleague from Beirut, Lebanon. Fortunately, I’ve also had the pleasure of reading another book on explaining the Trinity, “What is the Trinity“, by RC Sproul. It’s free at the moment, so go grab the Kindle version! In comparing the two books, James’ diatribe is overtly verbose – this generally happens when a person struggles to explain the topic under discussion. Admittedly, the Trinity is a problematic theological invention, therefore we should expect it to be difficult to explain. I’ve written on RC Sproul’s book here. He happens to be excellent at explaining the development and creation of the Trinity, he states:

“The concept of the Trinity has emerged as a touchstone of truth, a non-negotiable article of Christian orthodoxy. However, it has been a source of controversy throughout church history, and there remains much confusion about it to this day, with many people misunderstanding it in very serious ways.”

This is direct and straight to the point. We Muslims agree that it’s a controversial belief, that Christians remain confused about it and that Christians misunderstand the central belief of Christian theology in very serious ways. It’s a great book for Muslims willing to see how Christians understand and misunderstand the Trinity, it’s a very candid book that can help us give da’wah to Christians from a more studied position.

I’d like to thank James White for demonstrating that he deals in bad faith, cannot hold to his word and unfortunately, he saw it appropriate to lie to his congregation without any hesitation. A fine example of Christian scholarship.

and God knows best.


  • Hi Ijaz
    You say the trinity is an invention but I have a
    question for you.

    According to these verses Gal 1:1,Romans 8:11,John 2:19-22
    who rose Jesus from the dead?

  • Hi DC,

    Your question assumes Jesus died in the first place, so as your first premise is false, the conclusion is wrong.


  • Salamalaikum Ijaz,

    It is extremely important to expose these deceivers who portray themselves as very innocent, truth-loving meek creatures, who are, in reality, extremely cunning and sly. Take for example this incident of offering of book: every “follower” of James would feel as if he is not just generous but he is so transparent as well in sharing knowledge so much so that he offered ‘free’ copy of his book to Ijaz, when he reality the offer of the book was just a smokescreen created never to be fulfilled.

  • when you read through this persons book, i would ask you to keep the definition of the words ” is” and “am” in mind.

    is [iz] Show IPA
    3rd person singular present indicative of be.

    am [am; unstressed uhm, m] Show IPA
    1st person singular present indicative of be.

    both of the verbs refer to a SINGLE person.

    even the christians say the verbs REFER to a single person when they say

    “the father is….”

    “the son is….”

    “the ghost is…”


    “the father said I am”

    so WHY do they CHANGE definition of the VERBS when a WHO speaks?


    ” I am God and I am one and I spoke to moses”

    do you see?

    why do they change “am” to “are”

    as in ” i ARE god…”

    “god ARE one”

    how can the word “am” REFER to 3 persons when it is REFERRING to a SINGLE PERSON?

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  • you know Ijaz, i sent you a digital copy of that book on your email a while back. did you not receive it? i thought i’d help you out since you were saying a while back that he did not send it to you in one of your older posts here, but i guess you didnt bother opening my email to see it?

  • Hi DC
    Why, for thousands of years, did none of God’s prophets teach his people about the Trinity? At the least, would Jesus not use his ability as the Great Teacher to make the Trinity clear to his followers? Would God inspire hundreds of pages of Scripture and yet not use any of this instruction to teach the Trinity if it were the “central doctrine” of faith?

  • dc, what is your response to dr larry hartado’s latest article on pre existing christ?


    The first thing to note is what the Gospels and other NT writings portray as the responses to these actions, particularly the more “friendly” responses. For example, in response to Jesus’ questions to his disciples about what people make of him (as portrayed, e.g., in Mark 8:27-30), the options reported are “John the Baptist” (which I take as meaning “another one like John”), Elijah (possibly in part because Jesus’ reported miracles often mirror those attributed to Elijah),”one of the prophets” (the opinion that Jesus was a “prophet” is reported elsewhere in the Gospels also, e.g., John 6:14; and 7:25-30 where people wonder if he is Messiah). And the disciples’ response (on Peter’s lips) was “Messiah/Christ”. There is no statement of deification, no “cultic” worship offered, and Jesus doesn’t demand it, or claim divinity.


  • Oh my goodness. Please resend the digital copy, or send me a message with your name/ email it in so I can check. I really forgot that, forgive me bro!

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