Response to Dr. James White’s Dividing Line Show on Jan. 9th 2018

Please note – I have quoted Martin Luther in this video and he has many anti-Semitic statements towards the Jewish people. I have only quoted him to provide context for statements made in response to Dr. White. I do not endorse or encourage use of Luther’s hateful views.

See the Presentation that Dr. White is commenting on here.

For more information on the event, see this link.

For the corruption of the OT and NT, according to Islamic beliefs, see this link.

and God knows best.


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    Must watch!

  • i dont get these christians man. everyone is supposed to be born in sin and even the prophets who accuse their listeners of crimes are THEMSELVES criminals who are born in sin in the SIGHT OF THEIR god. christians think that no one , even prophets who are reps of god and deep in sin and corruption. what then is this joke “if they were in their capacity to do so….”

    jesus himself ALTERS the text of the torah, he READS his stuff into text which cannot be found .

    what is the debate between jews and christians? thE JEWS always ACCUSE jesus of CHANGING the text of the torah and the ALTERATION of the torah is recorded in the new testament.

  • quote :

    “jesus indicates that david ‘entered the house of god (mk 2.26) . however , the hebrew text of 1 sam 21.1 indicates no such thing: ‘ahimelech came to meet david trembling’. similarly , the narrative in the hebrew bible never indicates that david was in the temple after that. in 1 sam. 21.6 it says that ‘ the priest gave him holy bread’, which could mean that the priest fetched it and then gave it to david as the later waited outside.”

    “as noted by the jewish annotated new testament , the text of 1 sam.21 also does not say explicitly that david was motivated by hunger at the moment that he took the bread and it may have been meant for later consumption. so, either jesus added details that are not in the actual text or he willfully misrepresented the text to win his argument”

    so what is going on here?

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