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Sam Shamoun Admits He Cannot Debate Muslims

For a number of years, many Muslim speakers, including myself – have duly indicated that Sam Shamoun is unable to discuss a point coherently. We could be speaking about McDonalds and the guy would go off on a 3 hour rant insulting and cursing the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). For a long time, we all assumed he did this intentionally because he simply could not and was unwilling to discuss any other topic. It’s quite normal for an uneducated person to discuss topics he lacks knowledge upon, usually to divert a discussion away from a topic, you create a straw man and attack it. In Sam’s case, you could be discussing fruits and he’d bring our Prophet up, you could be asking about creedal heresies and he’d bring up the Prophet, you could ask the guy about his daughters and he’d bring the Prophet up. Finally, he’s admitted that he does this intentionally:

Jesus had a God, a reply to Paul Bilal Williams from Sam Shamoun   Badmanna's Blog


Muslims are not afraid of debating scam Shamoun, after all, many of us have engaged him. Yet, as Sam himself has admitted, he’s unwilling to have a moderated discussion with Muslims, for if they speak on anything, regardless of the topic, he’d abuse the Islamic Prophet. As a Christian, I ask, how would you feel if every time you attempted to speak to a Muslim, he had only nasty and vile comments about Jesus the Christ. Wouldn’t that off put you on discussing anything with Muslims? Similarly, Muslims aren’t afraid of Sam, we’re just not willing to listen to a Christian sit and abuse our Prophet, it’s a common courtesy that if you’re having an inter-religious discourse, you try to respectfully convey your disagreements, but you do not intentionally go out of your way to abuse and mock the other persons’s faith.

Sam Shamoun is a class below human, he’s unwilling to show respect to anyone, with beliefs that differ with Christians, yet he demands that non-Christians/ infidels respect his beliefs. As Muslims we treat Christ with utmost respect and love, but Shamoun is unwilling to behave in an adult manner and this is why no Muslim speaker in the debate circuit has been willing to grant him a stage. For as Shamoun himself has admitted, regardless of the topic, time, place, his only goal is to abuse our Prophet (peace and blessings of God be upon him).  I now thank Shamoun for demonstrating to both the Muslim and Christian public, what Muslims have been saying for a long time, no one’s afraid of debating him, he’s just unwilling to be debated.

Sam remains in our prayers, we continue to call for ABN TV and for Sam Shamoun to make public the use of the donation monies provided to them, which to our knowledge, have gone into the pockets of Sam and his cohorts for personal use and not for ministry use. Not only does he insult and mock Muslims, he uses donation money from ABN TV for his personal gain. We call upon Sam to prove us wrong by having both ABN TV and his own accounts audited and the results made public. If not, then ask yourselves where your donation money has been going.

and God knows best.

Sam Shamoun Blows his Fuse

I seem to have pissed of Sam quite a lot, for every one comment I post in response to him, he goes on a rampage and posts 8 responses! That’s an 8 to 1 ratio of anger. Can you imagine, an adult man spending hours on the internet arguing with someone half his age, while sending 8 comments for every one comment response? If you think I’m exaggerating, here’s the evidence:

The moral perfection of Christ proves that he is God. A post by Sam Shamoun.   Badmanna's Blog

The guy just can’t control himself. I ask him one question and he engulfs himself in a rage fueled frenzy to the point that he just doesn’t stop writing and replying endlessly. Whether you are a fan of him or not, don’t you think that his reaction to a single question about his academic qualifications versus that of Dr. Ally’s is a tad bit too extreme? He could have simply said he was dishonest in his claim, admitted his wrong and moved on. Instead, he’s seemed to have unleashed all the frustrations, problems, issues he’s been having personally unto me.

sam shamoun

Psychologically speaking, as a peer counselor myself, Sam’s mental stability seems to hang on the fringes of human normalcy. In his case, his displaced anger is disproportionate to the events ongoing, which would imply that he’s projecting his frustrations upon an innocent individual (in psychology this is referred to as scapegoating, see: displaced anger). It’s common to see this problem with persons who have or are developing bouts of depression, in his case it could be from the fact that his apologetics career has ended and his only appearances are now on no named blogs. His disproportionate response also shows signs of multiple personality disorder, he created several user accounts to appear as if it was not him who wrote some other insulting comments about me. What this means is that Sam Shamoun’s mental health is very fragile, he’s unable to control his anger which has manifested itself into various streams of subconscious projection, whether that be through creating multiple user accounts in pretending to not be himself, or to writing excessive amounts of responses etc.

These are all hallmarks of an individual attempting to cope with the reality that is life, but unable to manifest himself into using normal control mechanisms. I, along with several Christians who have been victims of Sam’s projected and displaced anger – all call upon him to see a psychologist before he loses himself to dementia. It’s a sad reality to face, but our prayers are with Sam.

and God knows best.

The Shamounian Backlash

بِسۡمِ ٱللهِ ٱلرَّحۡمَـٰنِ ٱلرَّحِيمِ ,

The fireworks have begun. I’d like to thank Br. Paul Bilal Williams for resposting the article on his blog, and I’d also like to thank Br. Yahya Snow (the guy who makes those hilarious videos exposing Shamoun) for also reposting it on his blog. Sam Shamoun has reacted badly, quite badly to my article about his behaviour. So badly in fact, he proved the point that I was trying to demonstrate with the article itself – that he is an out of control, foul mouthed, abusive individual. When the article was posted to Br. Yahya’s blog, Sam Shamoun and his cheerleading friend, Radical Moderate (whom I’ve embarrassed here, see his homosexual rape threats here) began to incessantly spam his blog, causing Br. Yahya to remove many abusive and threatening statements:

(Note: click image to zoom in)

Blogger  The Facts About Islam - Post a Comment (1)

Sam Shamoun and Radical Moderate left so many lewd, abusive and threatening comments, that the only comment that is safe enough for children to read, is where he calls me a spineless coward and that he’s humiliating me. Last I checked, Sam Shamoun is the one is has been unable to respond to any of my articles refuting his lies – not a single response – with that I ask, who truly is the spineless coward?

To make it worse, Sam issued a threat on Br. Paul’s blog:

Now you better go into damage control before we post something on answering muslims exposing your lies and slander even further.

Why has he written this? He’s written it because of a clarification email he’s posted on Br. Paul’s blog concerning the Canada catastrophe:

Dear Mr. Shamoun

Thanks for the message. I sent the following to George below. Just now

Dear George

I am sorry but I think that my original hopes of sharing food and having a discussion has changed drastically.

I have had a relationship with Neil Bullock and I was never under the impression that this was a serious debate.

Our center fits approx. 50 people and is used for bridge building.

Our main goal is not to convert people and I don’t like either side feeling uncomfortable.

The speakers that I have are not comfortable with Sam Shamoun. I have never heard of the man before this debate (shows that I’m not in the circuit).

I think its in the best interest of all to cancel unless is was more about breaking bread than the debate.

In the future please let me know the speakers or it makes it hard to frame the event appropriately.

I love people and wish to find common ground as much as possible.

My apologies

Thanks and God Bless

What Sham fails to realise is that I’ve seen this email before – I’m privy to a lot more than he thinks – I’d leave him to ponder on that for a moment or two. It’s probably news to Sham, but what I said in my original expose on him, isn’t refuted by the email, according to the email the organizers did want to pull out because of his presence, that’s exactly what I said:

 Very recently a group of Christians led by Pastor G. Saieg had to secretly set up a dialogue with Muslims in Toronto, Canada. They refused to say that Shamoun was accompanying them. The night before the event, they revealed his participation and the organizers pulled out. It is not because they are afraid of him, but they wish not to have a foul mouthed individual share a stage with them.

Ironically enough, the dialogue did happen, without Shamoun, thereby implicitly accepting that he is not an individual that is needed or one which they cannot do without – he is just as dispensable to the Muslim community as he is to the Christian community.

What’s in the above two paragraphs that’s a lie Shamoun? From the Facebook event page itself, it says that the mystery Christian debator was to stay a secret, isn’t that mystery representative you?

The Paradise Forever group representing the Islamic position. The Christian representative will be a surprise until the day of the event, but the one thing I am allowed to say about him is that he is someone who you will want to meet if you have any interest at all in the area of Christian-Muslim discussion.

To which Shamoun himself became upset when they sent the email stating his presence was not conducive to the inter-faith discussion:

9  Sam Shamoun

The only lie, can be Shamoun’s statement about what I said was not true, for his own Facebook page’s comment and the event page itself, both testify to what I say, even the email which he assumed I’d never seen before – also qualifies my statements. What’s worse is Sham’s lying to his fans, the event went on without him, I even have the photos of it!

Sam, your reaction was expected, and I have no problem with you threatening me, for as the servant of God – Christ was persecuted by the followers of Satan (see John 8:44-48), we Muslims, also expect to be persecuted, threatened and abused by you. Save the rhetoric for someone who gives a damn about what you say – that sure as hell, isn’t me.

wa Allaahu ‘Alam.

Sam Shamoun’s Poor Scholarship Exposed

بِسۡمِ ٱللهِ ٱلرَّحۡمَـٰنِ ٱلرَّحِيمِ ,

A very embarrassing video exposing the ill tempered, foul mouthed, and abusive, Sam Shamoun has been posted by our respectable Br. MuslimByChoice. In a 2000 debate, Dr. Shabbir Ally rightly brought to light, Sam’s petulant and poor decorum. The video produced by Br. MuslimByChoice summarizes why most intelligent persons choose not to engage in a debate with the ignorant and arrogant, Shamoun:

wa Allaahu ‘Alam.

Insults, Abuses, Curses from Sam Shamoun

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem
بِسۡمِ ٱللهِ ٱلرَّحۡمَـٰنِ ٱلرَّحِيمِ ,

This is a recent comment that Sam Shamoun left, concerning myself (Br. Ijaz) to his friend, Anthony Rogers, via Paul’s blog, a German Islamophobe:

So according to Sam Shamoun, his response as opposed to my responses are intellectual. Therefore according to Sam Shamoun’s criteria, an intellectual is one who:

Now, I have no problem with being insulted, even moreso by Sam Shamoun. In fact, I’d like to thank Sam for demonstrating his true character. This is a man who has to insult a 20 year old (myself – Br. Ijaz) in every comment he posts, he even spent 7 days insulting Br. Qmark, who is another author on this website, also in his 20’s. It’s quite distressing to see that this man can claim to be guided by God and still end up using such filthy, perverted and petulant tactics against people half his age. He’s what we can refer to as an ‘internet thug’. While I am sure that Sam gets thrills off of posting abusive comments, all it does is demonstrate that on an intellectual level he is shallow and on a decorum level, he’s incapable of measuring up to the lowest level of public etiquette. I honestly feel sorry for a man who has to constantly stoop so low as he has to. This is the kind of man who preaches Christ is a God, this is the kind of man that worships another human being. That my friends, is the true definition of being Pagan (creation, human worship).

wa Allaahu Alam.
[and God knows best.]