Sam Shamoun Admits He Cannot Debate Muslims

For a number of years, many Muslim speakers, including myself – have duly indicated that Sam Shamoun is unable to discuss a point coherently. We could be speaking about McDonalds and the guy would go off on a 3 hour rant insulting and cursing the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). For a long time, we all assumed he did this intentionally because he simply could not and was unwilling to discuss any other topic. It’s quite normal for an uneducated person to discuss topics he lacks knowledge upon, usually to divert a discussion away from a topic, you create a straw man and attack it. In Sam’s case, you could be discussing fruits and he’d bring our Prophet up, you could be asking about creedal heresies and he’d bring up the Prophet, you could ask the guy about his daughters and he’d bring the Prophet up. Finally, he’s admitted that he does this intentionally:

Jesus had a God, a reply to Paul Bilal Williams from Sam Shamoun   Badmanna's Blog


Muslims are not afraid of debating scam Shamoun, after all, many of us have engaged him. Yet, as Sam himself has admitted, he’s unwilling to have a moderated discussion with Muslims, for if they speak on anything, regardless of the topic, he’d abuse the Islamic Prophet. As a Christian, I ask, how would you feel if every time you attempted to speak to a Muslim, he had only nasty and vile comments about Jesus the Christ. Wouldn’t that off put you on discussing anything with Muslims? Similarly, Muslims aren’t afraid of Sam, we’re just not willing to listen to a Christian sit and abuse our Prophet, it’s a common courtesy that if you’re having an inter-religious discourse, you try to respectfully convey your disagreements, but you do not intentionally go out of your way to abuse and mock the other persons’s faith.

Sam Shamoun is a class below human, he’s unwilling to show respect to anyone, with beliefs that differ with Christians, yet he demands that non-Christians/ infidels respect his beliefs. As Muslims we treat Christ with utmost respect and love, but Shamoun is unwilling to behave in an adult manner and this is why no Muslim speaker in the debate circuit has been willing to grant him a stage. For as Shamoun himself has admitted, regardless of the topic, time, place, his only goal is to abuse our Prophet (peace and blessings of God be upon him).  I now thank Shamoun for demonstrating to both the Muslim and Christian public, what Muslims have been saying for a long time, no one’s afraid of debating him, he’s just unwilling to be debated.

Sam remains in our prayers, we continue to call for ABN TV and for Sam Shamoun to make public the use of the donation monies provided to them, which to our knowledge, have gone into the pockets of Sam and his cohorts for personal use and not for ministry use. Not only does he insult and mock Muslims, he uses donation money from ABN TV for his personal gain. We call upon Sam to prove us wrong by having both ABN TV and his own accounts audited and the results made public. If not, then ask yourselves where your donation money has been going.

and God knows best.


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