Debate: The Bible or the Qur’an? – Sadat Anwar vs. Dr. Tony Costa

One of favourite Muslim debaters, Br. Sadat Anwar (may Allah preserve him) recently debated Dr. Tony Costa. Today the debate video has been released and suffice it to say, Br. Sadat is simply mesmerizing. He’s previously debated Alex Kerimli and Carlton McDonald, as well as one Qadiani, Ansar Raza. I strongly recommend that this debate be shared on behalf of Br. Sadat, it should be watched and studied.

Let us know what you think of Br. Sadat’s arguments.

and Allah knows best.


  • Amazing!! I have listened Yusuf Ismail and Zakir Hussain, but Sadat Anwar is just another gem.He put forth short and simple arguments which is much compelling. On the other hand Tony just like any other Christian apologist is repeating same old arguments and overlooking their own scriptures let alone Qur’an. I think Tony Costa needs to learn more.

  • i don’t get this costa guy.

    bible jezus holds sanctity of these texts

    exodus 23-27,30

    josh 12-7, 27

    these are imperialistic texts

    master slave relationships
    these are texts bible jeezus loved
    these are texts which have a book callled “yhwh saves” / joshua

    why are christians calling man god “kyrios” and not “brother” if it wasn’t about master slave relationship?

    why use “dominus” for jesus if pagans man worshippers like costa wanted to see brotherly/fatherly relationship with god?

    “dominus” in latin = DOMINATION

    what about that cannannite woman who said “lord, son of david”

    how would the greeks understand “kyrios”
    “dominus” when they were using these words for their gods and kings?

    what about “kingdom of god”


    read chron 28:5 it destroys costa lies

    daniel 7:27

    “thy kingdom come, they will be done…”

  • if you are “weak” tony then god sent himself to do what you weren’t DESIGNED to do, then god cheers about it?

    “paid the price”?
    how can “weak” “pay the price” if “weak” is not CREATED to “pay the price”

    so you can wash your self in your gods blood and then celebrate his recovery after you imagine in your mind you beat him up for the sins you did everyday?

    “paid the price”

    if a god saves himself from eternal damnation and christians celebrate his recovery with great joy and great happiness, then “paid the price” is nonsense

    “paid the price”

    now tony can celebrate recovery of his god thinking to himself and he is free from divine consequences because god “paid the price” by handing his created flesh to death

    just for the evening

    “paid the price” ???

  • comment on tony’s confusion at time line 1:34::

    “Christians have committed themselves to divine non-transcendence so resolutely that it had become with them an idee fixe, enabling Paul Tillich to declare sub specie eternitatis that the transcendent God is UNKNOWN and UNKNOWABLE UNLESS he is concretized in an object of nature and history.” This actually leads down the road to pantheism, and is similar to Hinduism. Christians are so confused on this point of transcendence and that is why their language is improper in theology. They continue to claim God is transcendent and at the same time he manifested himself in human form, carrying human attributes and did all the things normal men do demonstrating the obvious psychological tension that plagues their minds. The trinity is a human attempt to try and reconcile the transcendent with immanent and is actually a deviation of monotheism and it leads to full blown polytheism or athetism. That is why one finds an obvious tension in the Christian mind of trying to reconcile trinitarianism with monotheism


  • Br. Anwar is also one of my favorites in the field of interfaith dialogue. He did a remarkable job, as always. Anyways, sometimes you hear a Christian utter a statement so profoundly idiotic–and false– in its magnitude, that you forget just about everything else he/she has said. When Tony Costa suggested that there is “consistency in the old and the new testaments,” and that the Quran is an “anomaly,” I began to wonder how a man who has devoted his life to studying a subject also remains so blatantly ignorant of it. But then again, a PhD was never sufficient to dissuade one from accepting the intellectual catastrophe that is the “holy trinity.” Let’s make a short comparison between the Old Testament, the Christian Bible and the Quran. 1.Old Testament–There’s only one God, he is not part of a “binity,” trinity or quadrinity–no amount of christian sophistry will change thousands of years of Jewish theology. The Christian Bible–Although Jesus himself never proclaimed that he is God, or even a god, within the corpus of christian scripture, there are indication for such a blasphemous idea. The Quran–There’s only one God, and he is not part of a trinity. The Oneness of God CANNOT be subject to interpretation or debate. The Quran is similar to the old Testament and the christian bible is not. 2. The Old Testament–God will forgive you; the shedding of animal blood is not the only requirement. Sins can be expiated with repentance, and charity, and the shedding of God’s blood is absolutely NOT a requirement–it is however, a very alien idea. The christian bible–Again, while Jesus has never made his supposed death and resurrection as the only means of salvation and forgiveness, within the corpus of christian scriptures the idea is present.
    The Quran–God forgives those who seek his forgiveness and repent from their sinful ways–the Old Testament and the Quran are consonant and consistent, the Christian bible is the odd man out. 3. The Old Testament–You must uphold the Law of God, there’s absolutely no negotiation on this subject. The Christian Bible–Upholding the Law is no longer a requirement, just sprinkle some water over yourself and “believe” that Jesus the god-man hung on a cross for you. The Quran–Your entire life is to be devoted to uphold God’s law–it is through the acknowledgment of God’s Law and observing his Law that love for God is manifested and a deep spiritual relationship is nurtured. The Old Testament and the Quran are in agreement, while the Christian Bible, again, proclaims an alien idea. There’s many many differences that can be illustrated. These three monumentally significant theological notions should illustrate just how DIFFERENT the Christian Bible truly is the Jewish Bible and how SIMILAR the Quran is to the Jewish Bible. In fact, Christianity as a whole is the odd man out between the three religions.

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