Jonathan McLatchie Makes a Fundamental Error About the Bible

The Bible consists of many forms of revelation, including ‘literal inscriptions’ from ‘finger of God’ according to Exodus 31:18. Jonathan didn’t know this and as agreed by his friends, he did make an error. We do expect him to say that the video takes him “out of context”, so we do invite everyone to watch the video of his appearance on the Trinity Channel (YouTube) between minutes 44 to 52, for full context of his mistake.


We’d like to thank Jonathan for sending his friends over to spam the page, at the very least we got a candid admission from one of his friends and admirers and he indeed was not taken “out of context”, this time, and that he did indeed make an error fundamental to the theology of his faith.

and God knows best.


  • Um, Ijaz…

    It looks very much like you are claiming that Kurt Jaros acknowledged I made an error on this point. I went back and checked the thread that you linked to. Kurt says “I’m not sure how you can equate the whole Bible as being the tablets containing the Ten Commandments. That seems dishonest.”

    That’s what I mean by your poor reading comprehension skills.

  • Hi Jonathan,

    Kurt says, “Perhaps you could just say that he is mistaken (and show how he is mistaken)”.

    Told him we did that, and he agreed and acknowledged it:

    “Sure, but leave it at saying he’s wrong.”

    Your poor comprehension skills are quite striking Jonathan. Your inability to read and understand such a simple exchange, is quite comical to me.

    I’m not sure what’s worse, the fact that you denied inscription is part of Biblical scripture, or the childish absurdity in claiming I said inscription was representative of all the Bible (and I do beg you to show where I said this). Clearly you have many issues.

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