The Passing of Br. Michael – Presentation Brother

It is with great sadness that I write on the passing of Br. Michael Samuel, a Roman Catholic stalwart, school principal, teacher and community leader.


The high school (British: secondary school), I attended just a few short years ago would not be the institution it is today without his contribution. A school that’s considered to be the best in the Caribbean, producing two of Trinidad and Tobago’s most recent Prime Ministers, our current President, countless lawyers, doctors, judges, businessmen, scientists, clergymen, music artists, football stars and more, is due to the hard work Brother Michael put into the development of Presentation College, San Fernando.


You can read more on Brother Michael and his contribution to the development of the Caribbean’s premier educational institution, via the Trinidad Express’ article on his passing. The President of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago had this to say on his passing:

I am shattered by his sudden death although I was very much aware of his health challenges. He was a guiding light in my life, like so many others, not only as a principal but as a teacher and he was someone I felt proud to call a mentor and a friend.

At Presentation College, San Fernando, he was a firm disciplinarian but someone who cared genuinely for the welfare and upliftment of his charges. There was never a dull moment in his disposition and interaction with others. I can still see that broad engaging smile and recall the magic of his laughter. His joie de vivre was infectious.

Personally, over the years as a state prosecutor, judge and now President, his words of encouragement inspired me. Brother Michael always felt an enormous sense of pride by virtue of his association with Presentation College, San Fernando. His legacy, as an educational luminary that carved and moulded students into men of calibre and substance, is assured. It was an unforgettable and touching honour for me to present him with a national award last year. He never spoke ill of anyone and believed in the best of us. I am simply shattered by his loss.

We are always, Proud to be Pres.

and God knows best.

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