Is Christmas Biblical?

There’s an easy way to convincing Christians that Christmas is a pagan tradition. Just ask any Christian, does the New Testament mention that Christ, his disciples or any of the apostles celebrating Christ’s birthday? It doesn’t. That’s for a good reason, they didn’t. Ask the Christian, are you a Biblical Christian, because if you were, you’d follow the Bible, and if the Bible says nothing of this holiday or celebration, why do you celebrate it? I’ve created this lovely image to share for those willing to initiate that tough conversation with their friends and family members. It’s non-confrontational, relies on the Bible for evidence, refers to a pillar of the early Church and simply asks a question. It doesn’t insult Christians, doesn’t demonize the holiday, it’s just a polite question about the validity of this holiday in light of scripture!



So, are you a Biblical Christian, or not? Let us know in the comments or on our Facebook Page!

and God knows best.

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