Jay Smith’s Brilliant Quotes

These are two three quotes from Jay’s presentation in his just concluded debate with Dr. Shabir Ally. Enjoy.






and God knows best.


  • Anyone who has contact with a corpse of any human being will be impure for seven days. He must purify himself with the ashes…. (Num 19:11)

    Anyone who has touched the corpse of any human being who had died and does not purify himself has defiled Yahweh’s Tabernacle, and that person will be cut off from Israel. (v. 13)

    In the event that a human being dies in a tent, everyone who enters that tent and everyone found inside that tent becomes impure for seven days. (v. 14, v. 20)

    And anyone having contact, in the open field, with a slain human body, or a corpse, or a human bone, or a grave, becomes impure for seven days. (v. 16)

    The closest parallels to the treatment of the dead, a corpse, that I can find in the New Testament without entering into a discussion of the resurrection of the dead (see #6) are passages where Jesus walks into a house where there is a dead corpse (Mk 5:36-41; Matt 9:23-27; Lk 8:41-49, etc.)—thus according to the Yahweh of P contaminating himself with impurity/sin! (remember P’s red-heifer rite and its view on death were “an eternal law” decreed from “Yahweh”)—and passages speaking of Mary and company going to Jesus’ tomb to anoint his dead body—who would also contract impurity/sin according to the Yahweh of P! Likewise in Luke 7:14, Jesus would be contaminated by impurity for touching the coffin of the dead boy, and per P’s Yahweh’s “eternal law” would need to immediately expiate his impurity with the red-heifer ashes! There are other places in the NT where a corpse or death is portrayed as being benign—contrary to P’s and P’s Yahweh’s beliefs and worldview!


  • jay smith believes that his god saved him from his own eternal words/commands which came out of gods mind.

  • These quotes are cleverly chosen.

    I saw an earlier debate between Smith and Yusuf Ishmail
    In that Smith was trying to distinguish the OT commands from the NT revelation in Jesus, saying that Christians are not obligated to obey the former. It looks like he was doing the same thing in this debate with Ally.

    I don’t think this tactic get him completely out of trouble, because he still has to address the issue of the character of God as revealed in the OT, but it gets him some of the way.

    And what is the word of God? A lot of Christians say that JESUS is the word of God, not the Bible.

  • “And what is the word of God? A lot of Christians say that JESUS is the word of God, not the Bible.”

    why would the writer of the psalms use the word “kul” for judgements/laws when according to you it was referring to a person ?

  • for pagans like j smith, i would like to ask them what is the SIGN of WEAK faith.
    what do you have to DO to have WEAK faith?

    if your works ARE NOT the reason why you get INTO heaven, then does communion and drinking and eating jesus bring your SCORE to ZERO?

    he saying “barakah , barakah”

    but he believes the same when he does communion with his god.

    why does one need to put faith in a violent bloody go betWEEN RITUAL before one is saved?

    he tells the moslim NOT TO DO rituals, but he himself BELIEVES that his god had to DO a violent RITUAL to appease himself.

    why does believing in a FINITE /created violent ritual ALLOW one not to do the OT rituals which according to yhwh were forever?

    why is it that a diety who mandates for himself violent bloody caN be involved in pagan roman works/deeds but cannot be involved in the works/deeds of a sincere believer?

    surely if he can convert an evil violent execution into “sacrifice” he can with his almighty powers convert GOOD deeds into something else?

    what loss does he have when he REWARDS good deeds? he owns everything.

    but these pagans believing in VIOLENT ritual and at the same time believe they are POLLUTED fearing NO consequences of thier actions because “god is LOVE”

    what is this?

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