How Do I Help Christians Understand Why Calling God “Father” is Wrong?


As a Muslim, how do I explain that calling God Father is actually wrong, and not something respectable to do?


Use the synonym of “Daddy” instead. Christians are quick to call God, Father to demonstrate their personal relationship with the Creator. To have them understand that their relationship is farcical, ask them if they’d consider referring to him as “Daddy”, have them say the Lord’s Prayer using “Daddy”:

“O Daddy who art in heaven….”

In response to this, many Christians have said calling God, Daddy, is:

  • cringe worthy
  • unnatural
  • odd
  • strange
  • funny
  • disrespectful
  • heretical
  • disorderly
  • blasphemy
  • informal
  • non-Biblical
  • offensive

Indicate to them, that as Muslims we agree, referring to God as “Daddy”, is all of those things and more. I’ve found this method very useful in having them understand just how dreadful it is to call God “Father”. We can even give them something to think about by mentioning that, as a Son of the Father, if your relationship were strong with him, just as any other son – you should be able to call him Daddy, if not – then you should question your relationship with Him.

and God knows best.

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