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Sam Shamoun Refutes Jay Smith: Can the Christian God Do Anything?

Recently, Jay Smith was approached in Hyde Park by Br. Paul and was questioned regarding a popular polemical claim regarding God’s power. His claim is that the Christian God is so powerful, that this God can become a man. I have explained in detail why this is an ontologically weak argument. He was then asked by Br. Paul, can the Christian God become Satan? Unfortunately, Jay refused to reply.

Surprisingly, Smith’s friend and admirer, Sam Shamoun found Jay’s claim to be quite heretical. Sam publicly denied the claim that the Christian God can and will do anything. In his publicly damning refutation of Jay Smith, Sam used the Bible to prove his point, he said:

For example, the true God in the Holy Bible plainly and emphatically claims that there are certain things that are impossible for him to do due to his holy and immutable nature:

“for the gifts and the calling of God are IRREVOCABLE.” Romans 11:29 New Revised Standard Version (NRSV)

” in the hope of eternal life that God, who NEVER lies, promised before the ages began—” Titus 1:2 NRSV

“if we are faithless, he remains faithful—for he CANNOT deny himself.” 2 Timothy 2:13 NRSV

“In the same way, when God desired to show even more clearly to the heirs of the promise the UNCHANGEABLE character of his purpose, he guaranteed it by an oath, so that through two UNCHANGEABLE things, in which it is IMPOSSIBLE that God would prove false, we who have taken refuge might be strongly encouraged to seize the hope set before us. ” Hebrews 6:17-18 NRSV

“No one, when tempted, should say, ‘I am being tempted by God’; for God CANNOT be tempted by evil and he himself tempts no one.” James 1:13 NRSV

Sam Shamoun’s refutation of Jay Smith’s heretical teachings about Christ raises an interesting question. If Jay Smith and Sam Shamoun, who have studied for decades about Christianity, and who have worked in polemics for several decades together, can claim that the other is teaching heretical beliefs about God – then who’s the real Christian between them?

Is Sam Shamoun wrong and Jay Smith correct?

Is Jay Smith wrong and Sam Shamoun correct?

Which Christ is the real Christ?

Will the true Christian please stand up?

and God knows best.

Debate Review: Jay Smith and Yusuf Ismail – The Biblical and Quranic Approach to Peace & Violence

You can view this debate for yourself to see Jay Smith’s arguments get pulled apart by Yusuf Ismail. Jay does not only get branded as inconsistent by Yusuf but also as dishonest. I’ve made a few points on this debate below to serve as a review and rebuke of some sort. There’s nothing positive to be said about Jay Smith’s scholarship, that’s for sure. This man seems determined to lead Christians down an unpleasant road.

Listen to Yusuf Ismail’s opening statement, his arguments and  his comments towards Jay Smith. If that makes you want to expose your ears to the yapping of Jay Smith then here’s the full debate. Yusuf’s OS is quite lively – definitely will get a few pulses racing so if you’re of a disposition where you really could do without an increased heart beat this one just is not for you. However, read the points below.

The Biblical and Quranic approach to Peace and Violence – Yusuf’s Opening Statement

Jay Smith is disingenuous and inconsistent in this debate. What’s new? This is not new for Jay Smith. It’s this type of inconsistency and disingenuous argumentation that drives away the more thoughtful and astute Christians away from Christian apologists.

Read more

Smith’s Paper from Veritas Apologetics Conference

In the recent Veritas Apologetics Conference in which Smith wore the title of a Professor, despite having no such credentials or job title to support it, he presented a paper entitled, “A Critical look at the Newest Historical Research on Islam and the Earliest Qur’anic Manuscripts“.

What’s the keyword here? “Newest”. Which is a problem, since Smith’s paper opens with four references from 1977, 1985, 1991 and 1996. Can someone help me understand what the word newest means in light of his references? I’d greatly appreciate it. Maybe I just don’t see the connection between 1977 and “newest”….

I might make a meme out of this and title it Scholar Smith: Presents Newest Research in 2014, FROM 1977.

and God knows best.

November 2014 – A Month of Records Due to Jay Smith!

The month of November 2014 has brought Calling Christians some great new achievements that were driven by Jay Smith’s missionary behaviour! Due to Smith’s exaggerated claims during his debate with Dr. Ally, I wrote a paper in response to him, that paper led Calling Christians to new heights:

We’d like to thank Jay Smith for leading Calling Christians to new heights, to new successes and to giving us a wider audience than we’ve ever had! More to come! Look out for posts in the next few days about Jay’s planned response to the paper, his arguments, his references and his criticisms. Unknown to him, sources close to him are embarrassed by his lack of honesty and have decided to fill us in on his plans!

and God knows best.


Jay Smith Runs Away from Debate Challenges

Two Sundays ago, prominent Muslim debaters, Br. Zakir Hussain and Br. Ayaz Uddin, met Jay Smith at Hyde Park and challenged him to two debates. Smith refused to debate on the topic whether Jesus is God or not, his reasoning as he states is that it’s clearly obvious and thus not debatable. Well, can’t Brs. Zakir and Ayaz reply the same, that the Prophet’s prophethood is obvious and thus, not debatable?

I find it very odd, that Jay Smith, religiously goes to Hyde Park to debate about Islam & Christianity, and when challenged with an actual debate, he refuses to do so. What is the point of screaming at people every Sunday, and boasting about your debate skills, if you’re refusing to debate on a stage, for a scheduled and moderated debate?

Please enable subtitles to see what each person is saying in the videos.

What is Jay afraid of? Why is he running from Muslims? Can any Christian tell us?

and God knows best!

Release: A Critical Analysis of Jay Smith’s Mistakes About the Qur’an [Update]

Update: I have been made aware that some persons are unable to access the paper via Scribd, you can therefore click this link and download the PDF directly: Response to Jay Smith’s Mistakes.

All Praise is due to Allah alone. The paper has undergone some minor changes, which are listed in the paper under the title of, “Structure of the Paper”. A formatting error for some headers were corrected, especially for Appendix B.

and Allah knows best.

Originally Published: 12/11/14, 6:46 a.m.

Jay Smith’s Story Does Not Add Up

On Sunday 16th November, two prominent UK Muslim speakers/ debaters, Br. Ayaz and Br. Zakir Hussein both went to Speaker’s Corner, Hyde Park (London) to confront Jay Smith. They had decided to challenge him to a debate, the video of that challenge will be uploaded soon. The reason I’m mentioning this, is that while speaking to Smith, they told him that, “Ijaz says hi!“, to which he responded that I was a liar and that he’s preparing a response to my paper.

The problem is, and I hope he realises this soon so that he can stop embarrassing himself – he doesn’t need to prepare a response to me. Following the debate, Smith released an email in which he explains that he’s been studying the topic of Qur’anic manuscripts for sometime, with the dates of January 2014 and March 2014 being mentioned. Given that the debate happened at the end of September, it would then mean that Smith had been preparing for this debate for some 9 months or so.

With 9 months of preparation, research and study, he entered into the debate with what appeared to be a large stack of papers which contained that very research, of which he shared several of them with the audience:






At one point in the debate, he remarked that he’d share his research with the public, and that it was available for anyone to see should they request it. So what does this all mean? Since the day of his debate with Dr. Shabir, he has possessed 9 months of research, collected into that large stack of papers several inches thick on the table beside him. So, the problem is, what does he need to prepare in response to me, if he already has 9 months of research several inches thick already prepared?

Especially when he declared that the research was ready for anyone to see! So what exactly does he need to prepare? Either he did his research over a period of 9 months and had it ready on the day of the debate, or, given the countless errors and lies I found him making during the debate, he really has no research to present for us and is now scrambling to get something done. So Smith, which is it? It’s time for you to clear the air. Either you lied during the debate or you lied after the debate and on Sunday when you made those remarks. Which is it? Can’t get your story straight it seems.

Since you said the research would be shared with anyone who requests it, then I proudly declare that on this day, I request it! Send it over to callingchristians@gmail.com, I’ll be waiting! For everyone else, you can download and view the 53 page paper on Qur’anic manuscripts here.

and Allah knows best.

Jay Smith is a Professor?



Is this a……joke? Jay Smith is most certainly not a professor at any academic institution. He is the only person I know to have been attempting a PhD for 16 years and to date has no original research to show for it. Now he’s parading himself as a Professor. Increasingly I cannot find myself able to distinguish between him and Ergun Caner.

During the first few minutes of his presentation he holds two books in his hand. The Bible and the Qur’an. He held up the Qur’an and said that Muslims can only read the Qur’an in Arabic therefore it tells him that the God of the Qur’an can only speak Arabic. Then, he held up the Bible and said you can read it in all languages, so this tells him that the God of the Bible can speak all languages. He then called upon the audience to challenge Muslims with this argument to demonstrate that the Christian God is greater than the Islamic God. To my surprise, the audience erupted with cheering! There is no way a sane person would cheer something so insipid and inane, I felt embarrassed that someone can possibly utter such statements in front of an audience.

To clarify why this is a bad argument, both Muslims and Christians agree that the primary text is the most accurate text. All languages have language devices. For example, Arabic has a syntax construct called the dual. There are singular nouns, dual nouns and then plural nouns. The English language only has the singular and plural nouns. Therefore the dual nouns are lost somewhere in translation between the two languages. Muslims therefore only consider the primary revelation to be the word of God, translations are representative of the word of God, but they are not wholly complete given the language device differences. This is why Muslims adhere to the primary text and strive to study it in its original language. Christians also, extract their exegeses and lectionaries from the Greek Critical texts of the New Testament. However, this is done by their scholars who invest in learning the Greek language of the New Testament.

What this means, is that while Muslims place greater importance on learning and interacting with their scripture in its primary form, this is only relegated for the scholars of the Christ religion, thus their is a schism, a demarcation, a disparity between the scripture and the Christian lay man, while the Muslim has no such disconnect from God’s word. Thus, this is not only a poor argument to use, it’s as if you’re saying your scripture is not important enough to be studied in its primary language and as such, you are comfortable with excluding yourself from having the ability to interact with the scripture in the language it was written in. Muslims do not want to exclude themselves from God’s word, but apparently Jay Smith is comfortable with this and so are the Christians at Veritas Apologetics University. Muslims value their word from God, Christians, do not.

and God knows best!

Response to Jay Smith Being Published Soon (14 or 15.10.14)

Edit: Delayed to 14th or 15th due to unforeseen circumstances.

My paper critiquing Jay Smith’s allegations and claims in his recent debate with Dr. Shabir Ally, entitled, “The Bible or the Qur’an: Which is the Word of God?“, will be published tomorrow via a PDF on both Scribd and Google Drive. I cannot at this moment give a specific time when the paper would be published, but barring any sudden and unexpected incidents I expect it to be published during the course of tomorrow. At present, the only hindrance to the publishing of the document would be a translation I’m awaiting of a French work that is otherwise not available in English. Considering the inclusion of the French quote’s data as a peripheral to the cause of the paper, when it is made available to me, I shall append it in due course. Following the publishing of my paper, another paper by another Muslim speaker would be subsequently published on a similar theme but more in depth concerning a specific work referenced during the debate. While my response is a point by point rebuttal to Jay’s allegations, this coming work is an overtly critical analysis of an academic work that was mentioned but not really used during the debate. I have not worked in conjunction with this other Muslim speaker, but we have exchanged sources during the course of our writing.

Perhaps what is most interesting is the silly claim that because I have not published any works on this site which include the literature of Deroche or Walid Saleh, it then means that I did not know of them before the debate with Jay hence the lengthy duration of time it took for me to prepare the paper. The assumption or rather the assertion is that I was unfamiliar with their works completely. This is an absurdly baseless allegation. There are many works I read on a daily basis which I do not quote or reference on this site or in my debates, but of which I post to my private Facebook account or which I use in personal correspondence in response to questions. Case in point, I have dug through my personal Facebook timeline, to dig up this post by me on August 4th, 2014:


This is one of the many examples on which I’ve commented on either of these men’s works. I’ve blurred out the name of the evangelical missionary apologist I was condemning in this post which in retrospect was unfair of me and not of proper decorum. For those who are my Facebook friend, you’d be able to see this post on my timeline which I’ve re-posted today so that we all can access it in an easy manner. I have stated before and I will state this again, the only impediment in regard to my writing of the paper has been my health which has been on a steady decline for some two years now via a chronic illness to which no medical institution has been able to adequately decipher. A state of health which most missionaries and apologists are well aware of. Following the publishing of the paper, a video response will accompany it in the coming weeks which at this time I cannot give a definitive date for.

and Allaah knows best.

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