Shamoun’s Heretic is McLatchie’s Delight

Richard Lucas of SOLAS CPC has been declared a heretic by missionary Sam Shamoun, following an article by our esteemed Br. Yahya Snow:


The irony of this, is that Sam’s friend, Jonathan McLatchie is promoting Richard Lucas who Sam deems as a heretic, as an apologist to be learning from in his “Apologetics Academy”:


Jonathan has even put up the listing for Richard on his website:


Let’s make sense of this. Sam Shamoun and Jonathan McLatchie are friends. Sam Shamoun views Richard Lucas as a heretic, holding false beliefs about the Trinity. Jonathan McLatchie in opposition to Sam, has been promoting Richard Lucas as someone to learn apologetics from, announcing Richard’s appearance on his “Apologetics Academy” some 5 months in advance. Is Jonathan McLatchie promoting a heretic as Sam Shamoun views Richard to be? Is Apologetics Academy endorsing heretical views to gain an audience?

You can view Dr. Ally’s debate with Mr. Lucas here:

and God knows best.


  • Sam was trying to distance Richard from Solas by claiming Solas doesn’t use Richard but in Richard’s debate introduction he was introduced as being a contributor to Solas.

    So that would be like Sam having himself announced as a contributor to ABN even though ABN departed ways with Sam long ago.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Bannister and others who are definitely part of Solas don’t believe in the Trinity or an orhtodox understanding of it. I think a lot of public statements on the Trinity from evangelical personalities are lip-service to avoid being put under the microscope by evangelical Christians who are more theologically inclined. Coming out and renouncing the Trinity or preaching a an unorthodox view on it is career suicide for evangelical apologists, organisations and missionary groups.

    I’ve heard scholars in evangelical seminaries are being forced to sign they believe in certain evangelical declarations of faith.

    Richard is friendly guy, Muslims should try to engage in more dialogue with him especially considering his opportunities will now be limited by evangelical Christians as they don’t want a “heretic” representing them.Richard, the door to Islam is open.

  • And of course, Sam’s efforts to distance Richard from Dr Bannister#s Solas is one thing but I wonder if he will now try to distance Jon’s Apologetics Academy from Richard too. Maybe deny this future event was scheduled!

    Sam, as for Richard, he can speak on his own. I’ve left a comment on BT to that effect – he can certainly speak in a more friendly, mature and reasoned way than you. How about you let him explain his association or lack of with Solas..

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    Oh dear oh dear..

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