• “Allah cannot have a son because he has no consort, mary had a son, she did not have a consort.”

    quote :

    1- The term that is translated as son is WALAD. WALAD in Arabic actually means a “product of birth”. So, in this Aya it covers that Allah does not give birth, nor does he have a consort to give birth for Him.

    2- The Aya does not actually say “When ” he has no consort. It Says “And” He has no consort. So, the absence of the consort is one of many reasons why Allah does not have a son and not the only reason. The other reasons are “innovator of the heavens and Earth”. “Creator of everything” and so on. For Mary, the only reason she could not give birth is the absence of the man and nothing else.

    3- The word ANNA that was translated as How, carries many other connotations as well as in How and why together? So, it is not only how, it carries the other meaning of why should He?! There is no reason for Him to have a son.

    The ‘ana’ is also expressed in the fact that God has not taken a consort, because He has no need to, which the disbeliever’s themselves acknowledged. Companionship and ‘children’ fulfill needs of the human being, meaning they are a ‘weakness’. Such a thing finds no place for the Eternal One, who is beyond all needs. If the disbeliever’s acknowledge that God has no consort because it is against his majesty, than the very notion that He would have children is rendered absurd on the same premise.

    Wonderful Originator of the heavens and the earth! How could He have a son when He has no consort, and He (Himself) created everything, and He is the Knower of all things.

    end quote

  • When it comes to the Qur’an, there’s a general tendency to limit its verses to the absolute superficial rendering possible by the Christian and atheist circles. That Allah does not have a consort, therefore, why claim that he has a son, can have profound implications and initiate thoughtful and rational discourse about the very nature of God. What is so intrinsic about the very construct of “son-ship” that God somehow must necessarily have a son? If The Father is fully God, and capable of constructing the cosmos, imbuing man with the breath of life and consciousness to know Him, if the Father is capable of mercy and love–after all the creator of love can fully comprehend and perceive love to its absolute deepest and truest realization–if the FATHER IS GOD, then the son becomes superfluous. If, on the other hand, God–the Father– can have a son, and has a son, why stop at the son? Can He have a daughter? Can He have a wife? If the Christian says “no,” then he/she falls in the self created trap of “limiting God.” If he/she says “yes,” then we must be open to the very disturbing possibility that God has a wife, daughters, other sons, only has not yet revealed such ideas to humanity, and may one day. Monotheism pretty much turns into mount Olympus. Christianity, thus, provides no good reason for us to believe that God does not have a wife. After all, if the trinity becomes a larger family, then the christian god can becoming even more loving per William layne Craig’s absurd intellectual self destructive lunacy. So the Qur’an isn’t necessarily claiming that “if only God had a wife, He could have a son, but alas, He just isn’t capable of having a son because He does not have a wife.” It’s opening an infinite fount of truth by one simple and beautifully succinct statement/question.

  • The utter imbecility of the poor chap in question–David Erison–cannot be given due justice by mere verbal mechanisms. Mary was a human; whether a human has a husband or not, God is fully capable of giving her a child. If God was limited to giving you ONLY what He has–per David’s tremendously pitiful logic– you would be a God, and that in itself is an impossibility. If what YOU as a human are endowed with, God must also possess, then God must have all the phenotypical attributes of man–a head, a brain, a GI tract, with all the glorious details that come with it, etc. Clearly, you don’t believe God needs a brain to think, a gastrointestinal tract, which is required for the digestion of food and absorption of nutrients, hence, existence. Christian mythology aside, God never had a son, does not have a son, will never have a son, but can give a virgin an entire race of sons and daughters, if He chose.

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