Donate to Calling Christians

Dear Readers/ Visitors,

As the website continues to grow in popularity, there exists a need for public funding. We are kindly asking that our readers contribute a small donation so that our da’wah can continue.

The debates I’ve had, continue to amass many views on YouTube and our Facebook/ E-mail correspondence continues to experience an influx of new messages on a daily basis. If you donate, your funds can help us ensure that the website remains operational for years to come. We’ll be able to purchase books for research purposes, video/ image editing software, domain name registration, subscriptions to Biblical Societies, administrative costs and much much more. Every dollar donated, can ensure that the articles we write, the debates we engage in and the pamphlets/ booklets we intend to produce can help us realise our da’wah goals.

If you do donate and would like to know how your money will be spent, send us an email after donating, either through our email address ( or through our ‘Contact Us‘ page.

Donate Button with Credit Cards

A donation button has been added to the right side bar of the website, any donation amount will be accepted. Donations will be used to fund many projects, other da’wah websites, rental costs for halls (for debates), equipment (audio – visual) etc.

May Allaah ta ‘aala allow us to donate for the cause of da’wah.

wa Allaahu ‘alam.

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