Missionary Mishap: Jonathan McLatchie & Sam Shamoun Target Dr. Shabir Ally

I write this with extreme disappointment and sadness. A few months ago, Jonathan broke unto the Muslim-Christian interfaith debate scene. In his debate with Dr. Shabir he was respectful and it looked as if Christian apologetics had finally moved beyond the vitriol of Sam Shamoun and David Wood. Unfortunately, Jonathan has fallen quite far in the months following the debate. Instead of moving Christian apologetics into the future, he’s joined hands with Sam and has even begun advertising joint events with himself and Sam!


Jonathan’s friend and mentor, Sam Shamoun recently made these comments on Facebook about our beloved brother in Islam, and teacher, Dr. Shabir Ally:

You mean when I demolished and screwed Shabir, your p*******e prophet and your demon you call Allah Shabir has been passing gas every night just like your satan called Allah does according to your prophet. And if you have a problem with praising oneself then that means you just condemned Muhammad and his satan since no one loved to be praised more than them.

I have censored one of the insults, as this is a website that tries to cater for all ages. I apologize for having to quote Sam’s curses and abuses, but this is the kind of person that Jonathan McLatchie endorses as true Christian scholarship, someone he is not only willing to work with, but someone he is willing to promote and hold classes with. In an email dated Friday 19th February, 2016, in which some 20+ Muslim and Christian debaters and preachers were tagged, Jonathan was asked to distance himself from Shamoun’s curses, abuses and insults of the Islamic Prophet, of God and of Dr. Shabir. Jonathan responded by saying:

my personal dealings with Sam are not your concern. I am accountable to God, not to you or anyone else.

This is quite shocking from someone who claims to want to have civil and professional dialogue with Muslims about interfaith topics. Not only did he not condemn Sam’s curses, abuses and insults, he refused to distance himself from Sam’s behaviour. How can Jonathan claim to be civil and professional, when he not only works with someone with such hatred and despotic behaviour, he even advertises him as someone to learn from! This is quite absurd to be honest. Jonathan dreams of once again sharing a stage with our esteemed teacher, Dr. Shabir, and yet advocates on behalf of someone who publicly curses, abuses and insults Dr. Shabir. This is quite underhanded behaviour, two-faced behaviour, deceptive behaviour.

Just how low is Jonathan willing to go?

and God knows best.


  • May God punish Sam Shame-on (May God’s Curse Be Upon Him). Sam Shame-on is a liar who misinterprets the texts of the Holy Quran and Hadith to fit his false agenda. His website Answering-Islam is a Christian propaganda against Islam. Only a fool can believe in whatever these liars write on that website. Sam Sahme-on and his fellow writers promote false information on that website.

  • Sam the lying serpent, the demon possessed abomination, really believes he defeated Dr. Ally? It must have been with his little slips of paper in which he continuously wrote his deranged and demented “answers”, forgetting that the very purpose of a debate is to deliver an answer verbally when his turn comes. Sam is, sadly to say, but this is my experience with christians, but Sam is not alone in his hate, his bigotry, his vile and filth riddled barbarism, vulgarities and epithets against Islam and Muslims. This seems to be, more and more, the new face of christianity. One which is shaped and defined by the unforgivable, obscene, and utterly profane deception platform that is the “western media.” Their seething hate and blood lust is fueled and justified, in their corrupted minds, by the constant fear pornography spewed by Fox, CNN, ABC, etc.

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