Debate Event: What is God Like – Tawhid or Trinity? – Dr. Shabir and Jonathan McLatchie

Tonight features a follow up debate to Qadiani Nabeel Qureishi’s debate with the erudite, Dr. Shabir Ally, on the topic of Tawhid and the Trinity.


See the Facebook Event’s page here. The event will be livestreamed on YouTube, via this link. At present, I intend to do a live review of the debate as it happens, as I did with the previous debate between Dr. Shabir and Nabeel.

and Allah knows best.


  • please do the review

  • we know that jews who took enoch as their saviour believed that he could forgive and carry away sins. the christians should not ask , ” who other than god can forgive” ?

    according to the jews, the man enoch could .



    Such passages convey the idea of the high priest having the power to remove guilt, to forgive sins. We know that some Jews took these passages to mean that the high priest’s job was to take away—to forgive—sin because in 2 Enoch 64 his contemporaries come to Enoch at the site of Israel’s future temple, they fall in reverential prostration before him, kiss him and say:

    2 Enoch 64.5 You will be glorified in front of the face of the LORD of all eternity, because you are the one whom the LORD chose in preference to all the people upon the earth; and he appointed you…to be the one who carried away the sin of mankind (J recension; A recension has ‘who carries away our sins’) and the helper of your own household.

    Enoch has already been installed as high priest in chapter 22 (vv. 8-10) and here he does what Exod. 28.38 and Lev. 10.17 say he should do: he takes away the sin of the people. (p. 73)

    In 2 Enoch 64:5 Enoch is described as the one chosen by God to carry away sins. The manuscripts vary in the way that they present this. Some speak of the sins of all mankind while others speak of ‘our’ sins; some use the present tense while others use forms that may indicate a past event. All, however, present Enoch as a figure of salvation. But how might he function as a saviour-figure or mediator and how might this relate to the New Testament’s or indeed the Church’s portrayal of Jesus? It is worth asking these questions because, as we have seen, whatever its authorship 2 Enoch was transmitted by Christians and the portrayal of Enoch as a saviour would presumably either pose a threat to the uniqueness of Christ or would require to be seen as a ‘type’ that foreshadowed him.

  • I’m really enjoyed watching the debate, lot of good points made by Dr. Shabir Ally

  • what would be interesting to know is if jamal badawi panned jay smith after ali’s debate

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