10 Christian Riddles

Riddles, questions, thoughts, I wonder what the answers to these would be? These aren’t meant to be insulting, and we do apologize if they seem to be so, these are just honest inquiries into the Christian faith.

  1. If God is love (1 John 4:8), why are babies sent to burn in hell forever if they’re not baptised? How is this ‘loving’?
  2. If Mary is the Mother of God and believers are told to Brides of Christ (Revelation 19:7), is the Mother of God, also his bride?
  3. Is God a sexist for coming in the form of a man? Why not as a woman?
  4. Is God racist for coming as an Israelite, why not as an African, or Indian?
  5. If humans are literally created in the image of God, is the Christian God a hermaphrodite?
  6. Why does Christ not speak of a punishment for rape, murder or incest? Since the gentiles aren’t meant to follow the Mitzvot – they live under grace and not the law, why didn’t Christ mention that these things were sins or crimes, or even mention their punishments?
  7. Where does God speak of the hypostatic union in the Old Testament or the New Testament?
  8. Where did Christ command Christians to believe in the Trinity, Hypostatic Union or Crucifiction in order to be saved?
  9. If Christ has two wills (human and Godly), how do you determine which act was done with Godly intent and which was done with human intent?
  10. Where does Christ teach that he has two wills?

Answers are welcomed, I’m sure there are some who can give some interesting responses.

and God knows best.


  • 11. god will destroy flesh and soul in hell. God destroyed flesh in the flood
    why would he do a stage drama and fool himself by violently having his flesh murdered when he is bodiless?

    12. who gave divine punishment to gods created flesh? god /romans?

    13. does DIVINE punishment mean that an omni everything being must violently kill himself?

  • 14. today rapes take place all over the world . how did god die 4 these? did he die 4 what was in his MIND , or did he LITERALLY take rape and + it to his beaten and nailed flesh?

  • 1. The attribute of Love is not incompatible with God’s Holiness, Justice and Judgment. Further, no where does the Bible say children are sent to hell because they are unbaptised. If they are sent to hell, it is for the same reason as adults- they are sinful and sin deserves judgment.

    2. New Covenant biblical metaphors are simply that, metaphors. Christians are the bride of Christ, the children of God, adopted sons, etc. I am quite happy to say that Mary is part of the ‘bride’ as part of the collective number of believers.

    3. Jesus was a man because he was the ‘last Adam’ to overturn the sin of the ‘first Adam’, our federal representative. Adam was obviously a man.

    4. Jesus was a Jew to fulfill the Old Covenant promises. Israel was not chosen due to their merit. Jesus initiated the New Covenant for all people, tribes, languages, etc.

    I could go on but best to wait to see what reply is offered to the above…

  • Are you comfortable calling yourself the bride of YHWH? Mr. Paulus?

  • I am very happy to be apart of the people of God, known in part, in the New Covenant, as the bride of Christ.

    In fact, this metaphor is not new, but was part of the former prophets imagery also (see Hosea 2). Just as Old Covenant Israel was understood in this way, so too are New Covenant Christians. It is a marvelous thing to know that deep relationship is made possible by the God of the Bible.

  • Heathcliff2013

    Do you even understand what it means when the bible says Jesus died for the sins of the world?

    1Jn 1:7    But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin.1Jn 1:8    If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.1Jn 1:9    If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

    No matter what time or hear you live Jesus shed blood is what cleanses the sins away…from the beginning of time and the conclusion of all things.

    Rev 13:8    And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.

    In other words God intention to give the Son of God.

  • “No matter what time or hear you live Jesus shed blood is what cleanses the sins away…from the beginning of time and the conclusion of all things.”

    so when jesus’ umbilical cord was severed which sins were cleansed? when baby jesus got a nasty cut while he was playing, which sins were cleansed?
    did jesus’ blood cleanse the sin of non repentance? if yes, why do you repent? your god made blood and flesh for himself and got it violently nailed to the cross because repentance wasn’t good enough. can you explain what part of jesus’ blood is magical? why wasn’t his flesh used to CLEAN sins? shouldn’t the pain receptors in flesh and the flesh have higher status over blood? how do you think about jesus’ blood? do you think about covering yourself in it? drinking eat? which thought you have about jesus’ BLOOD makes yhwh happy? lets see, you sin from mon-fri and then repent with jesus’ blood? or do you repent with his flesh? why the requirement that 100 PERCENT CREATED BLOOD and flesh is needed before repentance? where did the ot say to put trust in CREATED blood and flesh? is jesus’ blood like washing powder? do you use washing powder in your mind? or did yhwh use bloody daz ultra to wash away sins in his mind?

  • when diety punishes does he make that which is punished suffer? if yes, then why does he need to suffer? answer the question about rape. who raped christ on the cross? did the rapist who raped a woman in 2013 rape christ on the cross? if christ was raped by a rapist in 2013, why didn’t his god do justice on the rapist? why did his god decide that christ get raped by all the rapists past , present and future? if christ suffers like the raped girl , then he is raped on the cross, right?

  • Heathcliff2013

    I don’t think you understand what repent means and I think some of the points you are trying to make are very immature.

  • Where does the Bible teach that Christ has two wills? What do we mean by will anyway?

  • the Bible does not mention 2 wils of course but it became orthodox Christian teaching. Just consider these points:

    Christians believe Jesus is 100% human and as such he had a human will. They also believe he was 100% God and God has a will. Therefore Jesus has 2 wills.

    Silly? Yes! But whoever said that Christianity made sense?

  • We should not find it unusual that God is more complex than his creation.

    The Godhead in toto has one will as the united will of the 3 persons within it. Also three wills counting the will of each individual person. That is why Jesus said I can do nothing of myself.

    In this sense Jesus has two wills. The Father and the Spirit also.

  • Hi Ijaz
    Why didn’t Allah pick an African why the Arab Muhammad is he racist?

  • Read the Qur’aan, He (Allaah), sent a Messenger and, or Prophet to each nation.

    So Islam’s got that covered, but why was your God both sexist and racist, even given the theophanies, not once as a black man or a woman.

  • Hi Paulus, According to St. Paul, all are born in sin. Also, according to him, the wages of sin is death. Wouldn’t you agree, therefore, that your bible indirectly condemns unbaptized babies to hell? How unjust!!

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