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10 Christian Riddles

Riddles, questions, thoughts, I wonder what the answers to these would be? These aren’t meant to be insulting, and we do apologize if they seem to be so, these are just honest inquiries into the Christian faith.

  1. If God is love (1 John 4:8), why are babies sent to burn in hell forever if they’re not baptised? How is this ‘loving’?
  2. If Mary is the Mother of God and believers are told to Brides of Christ (Revelation 19:7), is the Mother of God, also his bride?
  3. Is God a sexist for coming in the form of a man? Why not as a woman?
  4. Is God racist for coming as an Israelite, why not as an African, or Indian?
  5. If humans are literally created in the image of God, is the Christian God a hermaphrodite?
  6. Why does Christ not speak of a punishment for rape, murder or incest? Since the gentiles aren’t meant to follow the Mitzvot – they live under grace and not the law, why didn’t Christ mention that these things were sins or crimes, or even mention their punishments?
  7. Where does God speak of the hypostatic union in the Old Testament or the New Testament?
  8. Where did Christ command Christians to believe in the Trinity, Hypostatic Union or Crucifiction in order to be saved?
  9. If Christ has two wills (human and Godly), how do you determine which act was done with Godly intent and which was done with human intent?
  10. Where does Christ teach that he has two wills?

Answers are welcomed, I’m sure there are some who can give some interesting responses.

and God knows best.