The Rationalizer Debunked by Muslim Physics Graduate and Islamic Scholar Hafiz Chuck Connors

Smashing video by the educated brother. Well versed in the empirical sciences, a qualified graduate in the field of Physics and a Hafiz of al Qur’aan – he’s published a video in which he destroys, clearly destroys the Sophism of the Rationalizer. Do share the video and make sure to view it yourself!

and Allaah knows best.


  • This must be the most pretentious and most ignorant Muslim on the planet.
    Not only was he unable to refute or debunk a single fact the Rationalizer presented, he also made a complete fool of himself.

  • Hi Stop Spamming (quite the ironic name!),

    What you’ve made is a claim, you haven’t qualified your claim. Now, I’m not a Physicist, but my main field of study labels me as a scientist, so perhaps we can discuss your objections.

  • I don’t think Chuck Connors accurately described even one of my arguments. It looks as though he has invented arguments which have some of the same words and then countered those instead 🙂

    I’m more than willing to talk to Chuck via a live video chat and record it so that we can discuss the subject.

  • Hey Rationaliser, is it true that you have no formal or recognized academic certification in the field of science?

    Also, I don’t think you fully grasp how ‘logic’ works, denying what the speaker says, is a denial, not a rebuttal, so while it may seem ‘cool’ to deny what he is saying, it really isn’t doing much in the way of aiding your cause. Calling his arguments straw men, is in itself an act of grasping at straws.

    Following from my first question, for what reason would an academic have to discuss science with a non-academic?

    Looking forward to your response, thanks.

  • Have you ever tried to follow a logical thought?
    How do you define “academic”?

  • No, I’ve *never* tried to follow a logical thought. Is that the answer you wanted?


  • At least you’re honest.
    And evading a real answer.

  • Well, logically, if I’m honest, and I the one who can’t follow a logical thought – why would you expect me to be able to answer a logical question?

  • That’s the point, I don’t.

    Look, you have a total farce on your hands, an intellectual ship-wreck, and you consider this a “Smashing video by the educated brother. Well versed in the empirical sciences”

    Next, you claim he “he destroys, clearly destroys the Sophism of the Rationalizer” when in reality, he either confirms the views and evidence or does not address them.

    You don’t even see the truth and recognise that this guy is an embarrassment for Muslims and still advertise his hilarious incompetence.

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