Telling Someone to Bite Their Father’s Genitals: Explicit Phrase or Misunderstood Expression?

If you’ve ever read anything from Sam Shamoun, then you’d have probably read this narration, in one of the 7000 times he’s probably copy pasted it:

Ubayy b. Ka‘b told that he heard God’s messenger say, “If anyone proudly asserts his descent in the manner of the pre-Islamic people, tell him to bite his father’s penis, and do not use a euphemism.”

For the first time, an Islamic author, my friend and brother in deen, Br. Waqar Akbar Cheema has responded to the claims surrounding this narration. You can access the amazing, well studied, well referenced article here, or you can view the PDF (also for downloading) here.

It’s worth the read, and most importantly, it debunks Sam’s malicious and unscholarly manipulation of traditional Islamic literature. It demonstrates the dishonesty of Orientalists and missionaries, while employing a level of academia that is undoubtedly of high integrity and accountability.

I’d like to thank Br. Waqar for his previous works and presently, for this masterpiece, may Allaah reward him immensely for doing what so many of us were unable to do. Ameen.

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