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Dialogue: Navigating Differences in Theology

This dialogue took place in the context of a discussion I have been having with Mr. Kerimli for the past two years. It mainly revolves around the Old Testament, the New Testament and the Qur’an’s relationship with both of those books. We explore these relationships, the existence of a possible “Madinan Torah” and other fascinating questions about textual preservation in light of historical evidences. Click here for the dialogue.

Live Debate: Was Jesus the Son of God or Only the Prophet of God?

Br. Ijaz Ahmad is debating Dr. Tony Costa on Friday October the 9th. The debate will be held on the Trinity Channel/ ABN TV, as well as livestreamed…on the Trinity Channel’s website, and on YouTube. The debate is carder for 7 PM EST (12 AM GMT). Both debaters will be using Skype. Br. Ijaz will be video calling from Trinidad, and Dr. Costa will be video calling from Toronto, Canada. Click this link for further details!

Debate Video: What was the True Faith of Jesus’ Disciples?

Br. Ijaz Ahmad faced off in a lively and entertaining debate with Reverend Steven Martins on the topic of the true faith of Jesus’ disciples. This debate featured discussion on first century Christology, first to third century Patrology studies, form criticism of the New Testament Gospels, palaeography of the early New Testament manuscripts, oral criticism of both the Gospel and Patristic traditions. Click this link to be carried to the full debate video!

Paper Release: Jay Smith’s Claims About the Qur’an!

Following Jay Smith’s unfortunate and dishonest claims about the Qur’an’s textual history, a 53 page, point by point refutation has been prepared. Examining his allegations through scholastic sources, with full citations, this paper brings to light some of the latest research on Qur’anic manuscripts, while explaining the technical details in a simple manner. This paper directly confronts missionary claims and renders them as being completely baseless. Download, Read or Share the paper today!