Joseph (Jay) Smith Hates Free Speech

Joseph Smith, otherwise known as Jay Smith, a notorious panderer who has been known to promote fear and hate about other immigrants to the UK, primarily Muslims, has found himself in another scandal.


Joseph (Jay) Smith – Anti-immigrant Immigrant to the UK

His religio-political anti-Muslim group, otherwise known as Pfander, has claimed in the past that they stand for free and open discussion about religion, usually those of Islam and Christianity. On the Pfander website, in their About section, it reads:

“Understanding other religions is often difficult, and can cause either intrigue or fear, and misunderstandings. Therefore, it is important to listen carefully and to learn about the beliefs of another religion, as well as research its very foundations. That is why Pfander is passionate about transparent and open debate between Christians and Muslims. Such discourse is rare, but it is a vital preparatory step to discovering truth. It is important for people to realise that Christianity and Islam each makes its own (often competing) truth-claims, this is the point where debate is necessary and right.”

It is ironic that the group claims to engage in open and transparent debate, but at the same time, the group is banning Muslims who engage with their social media pages. In the last few weeks, after spending a considerable amount of donation money on Facebook advertising (post boosts) to gain user views for a specific video about Muslims, they became quite upset when Muslims began to engage with their Facebook page, banning and removing comments en masse.

We’ve received numerous complaints from Muslims who took Pfander up on their offer for open and transparent debate being banned from commenting on the Pfander page, simply by asking questions or trying to engage in polite dialogue with the notorious group. Very recently, up and coming Muslim apologist, Br. Mustafa Ahmed was also banned for asking questions about claims made by Pfander’s Lizzie Schofield. As such, we feel that this should be the new header on their website:


We hope that Joseph (Jay) Smith, Sarah Foster, Lizzie Schofield, Beth and Hatun can begin to engage with Muslims in an honest, open and transparent fashion, after all, this is what their group was allegedly created for.

and God knows best.


  • Paul Williams and I have been banned from commenting too.
    They do the same on Twitter.
    Anybody who has half a brain and is willing to refute or show their errors gets blocked from commenting. They are not interested in free speech. The only people who are afforded free speech by them are one or two older Egyptian fellas who don’t know English (those guys are always featured in and around Smith and his chosen helper for the day in their SC vids).
    So literally a couple of guys who do not know what is going on, unable to respond due to language barriers and who, I would not be surprised, have no clue they are being used as propaganda in the filming only to be abused in the comment sections by Pfander followers (extreme Islamophobic abuse on par with racism) are the only ones afforded free speech.
    The sad thing is the middle aged women who Smith has managed to employ or rope into his organisation as volunteers will not say anything.
    Likewise for his obvious lies about British Muslim converts he claimed to have. I guess it is a case of not biting the hand that feeds them.
    Pfander seems like a cess pool of dishonesty, intimidation tactics, fake claims of police reports, hate speech, threats, condescension, delusion, corruption, rudeness, inconsistency, inaccuracies and outright intellectual dishonesty.
    He emailed me months ago after panicking other Christians like Justin Brierley had seen my blog questioning his claims of 40/50 Muslims threatening to kill him in the park. He claimed he had the footage uploaded. He had no such footage. In the email he said he will look for the said “footage”. It has been months and all I have heard from him is silence. I wouldn’t be surprised that he only sent that email to avoid being questioned by folks like Justin.
    So sad folks around Smith cannot question him. They should ask themselves if they are acting with integrity.
    Maybe blocking ppl is confused for love in the world of Pfander.

  • ‘Joseph (Jay) Smith – Anti-immigrant Immigrant to the UK’

    As an Englishman I will be glad when he gets out of my country. I am surprised he was ever permitted to come here in the first place.

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