Missionary Mishap: Pig Headed

Last week we covered the poor arguments of a young polemicist who tried to mimic one of Jonathan McLatchie’s atrocious arguments (which he later recanted). Unfortunately, this young and impressionable missionary, France Francis has done it again. He’s made the Missionary Mishap list for a second week running…


Unashamedly, this missionary considers people like Jonathan McLatchie and Sam Shamoun to be his heroes. That’s surely no surprise for anyone here.

and God knows best.


  • if pig was such a nice animal to eat how come peter , in his trance, said that he never eat unlawful food? why did the christian god allow ghosts to enter a herd of pigs?

  • He must be a salesman who is dying to sale some hams.

  • quote:
    I find it interesting that in Acts 10 Peters response to the voice in his vision which tells him to kill and eat is “not so Lord”or “by no means Lord for I’ve never eaten anything common or unclean”,then after the vision he’s so perplexed.I realize the main point in Acts proceeds to be evangelizing the gentiles,but I can’t help but notice that Peter doesn’t recall the dialogue with Jesus about what defiles a person,when in the parallel account of Mk7 in Matt 15 it’s Peter who asks Jesus to explain “the parable”.
    Also in Acts 10:28 Peter says”you know it’s an unlawful thing for a Jew to keep company with or to come near to one of another nation”. I know it’s a little off topic but is there a law from Yahweh or the torah that expresses this? Was a Jew made unclean by being near a non Jew?

  • Does he know that Jews don’t eat pork too?

  • brother menj juferi, neither can paul or peter quote a statement from jesus in acts that eating pork is permissible. for 40 days jesus is alleged to have spent time with them, but not one of them could say, “eat with the gentiles, no problem… jesus said….”

  • If these type of arguments these missionaries bring, they think, they can refute the truth, then we should not worry too much..

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