Jonathan McLatchie Attacks White Converts to Islam

Yahya Snow's Blog

Jonathan McLatchie, who appears to be writing for numerous blogs/websites nowadays, made some interesting comments on ‘white converts’ to Islam recently – he was  arguing the majority of white converts from Christianity to Islam are ignorant of Christian doctrine (he based this conclusion on two ‘white’ converts and a black convert who he mistakenly thought was white. I’m not too sure why there was such a focus on the white demographic but it became quite apparent that McLatchie had not bothered to even research the ‘white’ converts he was attacking. Or perhaps his research uncovered Khalid Yasin used to be white:)

Having said that his criticism was not consistent as Jonathan McLatchie openly admits the majority of church-goers are ignorant of the Trinity concept – thus it seems redundant for him to bash ‘white’ converts, from Christianity to Islam, for having a knowledge base on par with the average Christian…

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