I Give Up

Santa Claus becomes a Father like figure to the historical Jesus, to protect him using magic. Sounds like a stupid movie plot? Well, ding ding ding, we have a winner. Popular Christian right wing commentator, Glenn Beck and his production studio are currently working on a movie with that same plot. No, no, this is not a joke. Christians have now begun to parody Jesus and openly align him with a fictional character: Santa Claus.

From Glenn Beck’s website, he describes the movie as follows:

The Immortal is really a story that starts from my frustration. All the stories that we’re doing come from my head, and this one is really deeply personal, because it started two years ago when my kids were getting ready for Christmas, and all they could talk about was presents, toys, and Santa and elves.

And I kept trying to come up with some way to work Christ into it. You know, can we stop with the, you know, fat magic fairy that gives you everything you want for Christmas? Let’s actually talk about what it is. Now, I don’t want to be the guy who complains about the giant corporations. I don’t want to be the guy who’s complaining about Santa. I don’t want to be that dad, because I remember growing up Santa was important. That was cool. It’s magic. It’s magic.

Can someone explain to me, how this is not offensive? A fictional child’s character, has to use magic to defend and protect a weak and powerless man God. I hope the book fails, so that the movie never gets any traction. This is ridiculous to the highest degree.

and God certainly knows best.

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