Sam Shamoun Concedes to Being an Uneducated Charlatan

In my last post, I asked Sam Shamoun to defend his claim that Dr. Shabir is a ‘charlatan’, seeing as Dr. Shabir has the requisite academic qualifications in theology, whereas Sam only has a GED (a certificate for those who were unable to graduate or complete High School). How can a man with no academic qualifications in theology, refer to a man with those qualifications as a ‘charlatan’?

Sam did respond, but predictably he indicated that the Muslim Prophet – Muhammad (peace be upon him) was also illiterate. Now, I’m not saying Sam is the sharpest tool in the shed, but:

(a) What does my Prophet (peace be upon him) have to do with your inability to defend your statements?
(b) How is committing the tu quoque fallacy (it generally can be understood to mean: well so do you! or you too!) answering my question?
(c) It follows from (a) that it is a straw man and thus is discarded.
(d) It follows from (b) that he can’t grasp the question I asked since he never responded to it.

So all in all, Sam’s defense for being unable to not declare himself a charlatan is to attack a straw man while using the playground argument of so do you! Come on Sam, you’re a grown man, you have two kids, you’re dealing with adults here – there’s a difference between dealing with kids and dealing with adults. We’re not interested in your playground politics. I kindly ask that you answer my question concerning your statements without rabid ranting by way of name calling and insults. It might be suitable for when you’re dealing with kids, but in the grown up world you’ll have to do much better than that!

What’s interesting is that, I can understand that my Prophet (peace be upon him) was a human, so him not knowing everything is alright, it’s not an insult – even though Sam thinks so. I have no problem is saying my Prophet (peace be upon him) was a human. However, Sam does have a problem as the Bible does teach that God was ignorant, is ignorant:

“But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father. – Matthew 24:36.

While we can agree, a human lacking knowledge is normal, God lacking knowledge is drastically worse, exponentially shameful. Sure Sam can go around saying our Prophet didn’t know everything, that’s okay, because he isn’t God. Yet, he should feel ashamed though to go around claiming his God doesn’t have the knowledge He’s supposed to have – that’s hilarious, an ignorant and unknowing God!

and Allaah knows best.

One comment

  • In fact, Shamu handed Islam it’s greatest weapon….since every Muslim does concede that the Prophet SAWS was an illiterate, and yet the Qur’an, the most mightiest book on earth, was Revealed to him!

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