Samuel Green’s Angry

Seems like Samuel Green’s angry at me for the article published yesterday. When he saw it, he posted this comment:


I mean, that excuse would work, but yesterday he was involved in another conversation with me (names blurred out for privacy):


So his excuse is that he was too busy to respond, but ends up in a lengthy discussion with me and others the very same day that he alleges he was busy on? I chose to confront him on that, how could you be too busy  yesterday to respond if you were also arguing with me yesterday?



After being caught out, he decided to call me a slanderer. Although I’m not sure if he knows what that word means. I said he was unable to respond, he says he was also unable to respond. So I’m not sure where the slander is. This is like the time he got angry at me for asking him to qualify one of his claims, he promised to respond to me, and almost a year later he hasn’t. Will he remember to respond this time, or is he going to repeat his lack of finishing discussions when he’s caught out? You’re better than that Samuel, cheer up mate!

and God knows best.


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