Response to Jay Smith Taken Offline

Just a quick heads up for all those trying to access the link to, “Response to Jay Smith’s Mistakes“. I’ve put the document on private as I’m beginning to finish and prepare it for final publishing. I’m still undecided  on whether or not I should respond to his statements on the Bible, but given the time frame I’m intending to push this response out at, I think there will end up being two articles. One on Jay’s mistakes about the Qur’aan and another about Jay’s mistakes about the Bible. I’m overwhelmed by the response the document has gotten, I did not expect it to reach so many people or to spread so quickly. I must admit that I’m not a person who likes to have too many eyes on myself, I prefer to be discreet and lead a very private life. So the many emails, the sharing of the link, the discussions about what I wrote really took me by surprise and for a few days I was uncertain on whether or not I’d continue or finish the document. The very moment I chose to make the document private I received an influx of emails asking for permission to view it. That’s been less than an hour ago and there are way too many emails requesting permission.

There were generally two problems with writing this response. Firstly, transcribing what Jay was saying was very difficult. Jay spoke very casually and so it was a problematic decision to transcribe word for word what he said, only for it to make absolutely no sense when completed. After thinking about it, I decided that it was more honest of me to leave his words as is, instead of trying to make them easier to comprehend for the readers. I didn’t want his response or missionaries to claim that I altered his words. As some of you have seen the nearly final draft, you’d notice that I quite literally, wrote word for word what he said. He fumbled a lot and generally was all over the place. While transcribing what he was saying, I found it odd that he was very inconsistent with his presentation. You’d notice he never once gives us a citation or reference. This was important to note, because there was a very clear pattern of intentional dishonest behaviour. He’d first drop a few names and then make an erratic claim, reading from a sheet that he wrote, presenting those statements as quotes! There were a few times I honestly could not believe what he was saying, as compared to what the documents he referred to was saying. The contrast between his claims and what the scholars had said was unbelievable.

The second problem I faced was verifying his claims. I have all the works of the scholars he referenced. Even an unpublished, private thesis by Daniel Brubacker, his personal friend who allowed him to take photos of his thesis. Jay got a few photos, I got the entire thesis, it was then obvious just how wrong he’d been during the debate. To me, it was obvious that he had not read the authors’ works he was referring to. I did not have a single citation from him to work with, so I had to check several works by these authors. There were a number of times I could swear he read a quote from one of the authors, only to realise he was paraphrasing or simply making it up. For those who saw the draft before I made it private, the claims he made of Sadeghi and Deroche were not only outrageous, they were blatantly false! I even had one of the E&AM apologists (the folks who arranged and moderated the debate) check one of Dr. Deroche’s book to verify that what I was reading in contrast to Jay’s statement was true. The pictures he sent, confirmed to me that Jay not only lied, he clearly falsified information on several occasions. Due to the embarrassing amount of errors Jay has intentionally made, I’m currently in talks for a video version of the response to be made. At this point we have several well known Muslim speakers who have volunteered to feature in this video.

Most importantly, I’ve had the document reviewed by several scholars in the field, both of whom are Christian and Muslim. As of the current draft they have found no errors in my citations or quotations and are well pleased with my cohesive and well structured response to Jay’s erratic claims. Perhaps the only criticism I have faced by the scholars for this document, has been that I may have made public information about Jay that should not have been exposed. After several discussions, it was concluded that Jay did make certain statements in 1998 in a public setting in Birmingham and as such, it cannot be considered private information. Nonetheless it is embarrassing and several Christians who witnessed the debate found that my releasing of this information is perfectly fine given the immoral and disrespectful insults Jay threw at Dr. Shabir during the debate. I look forward to Jay’s response and I hope that he does not do as he did with Klingschor’s exposing of him (especially the lies about Tom Holland that he made). Jay has a fanciful imagination, too fanciful. As you would know, in his Islam Origins lecture he claimed that he inspired Tom Holland to write a book about Islam, which led to the controvserial Channel 4 (UK) documentary.  Jay claimed that Tom also thanked him for inspiring him on his book and TV Documentary. When asked publicly, Tom Holland denied everything that Jay had claimed. Therefore it is not unusual for Jay to invent stories and to invent claims that are purely figments of his imagination.

Thank you for your patience and I pray that something good comes of all of this.

and Allaah knows best.

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