Why is your critique of Jay Smith’s statements not on this site?

I’ve been getting a lot of questions concerning the validity of a link in circulation of a Google Doc’s document purported to be from me concerning a critique of Jay Smith’s mistakes and deceits during his recent debate with Dr. Shabir. I would like to confirm that I am the author of that document in circulation. Initially, I had not planned to publish it until I was finished writing it. However, as the document got larger and as many were asking when it would be released, I decided to make public a draft of the article I was preparing on the subject matter. As with any draft, there are typos, incomplete information, rough photos of portions of book quotes that have not been transcribed, differences in citation styling, etc. While the information in the document is accurate, and the citations also accurate, I don’t think that the current version is the final version which would be published on this site.

I have had a few people read it over and check for errors or incorrect responses. No one has found any issues with the contents of the draft so far. This document will take some time to complete. This is due to the tedious effort of having to listen carefully to Jay’s statements, followed by transcribing them and finally citing the time of the video in which he makes those statements. So it involves listening to a 1 minute talk, a number of times which runs into quite a number of minutes per mistake he makes. Then I have to get the relevant quotes and references needed to respond to his deceits, which also takes time. There is also the problem of Jay never citing his works from which he takes his claims from. He’s dropped a number of names, but doesn’t mention which journal, paper, study or book they’re from. Luckily I’m quite familiar with the authors he mentioned and I know where he’s gotten several of his claims from.

It’s honestly quite frustrating to listen to him say something, reference a speaker as a source, go to that source and find the author saying the complete opposite. I’ve tried to be very fair with Jay and assume he may have misread or misspoke, maybe he was nervous and said things he shouldn’t have said. Despite doing so, I have come to the conclusion that he’s intentionally not referencing his sources of information, as they directly contradict and disagree with his claims. This also explains why Dr. Shabir did not choose to critique Jay’s claims as they are so fanciful and inaccurate, the goodly Dr. would have spent 100% of his speaking time on correcting Jay, than speaking on the topic itself. I have the documents that Dr. Shabir circulated during the debate, which the attendees received. I’ll upload them and place links for them in a separate post.

I’d like to take this opportunity to ask that if anyone is familiar with the subject matter, to go through my response to Jay Smith and offer their criticisms or advice. There are two versions of the draft, one version has reached error #20, while the public draft has reached #13. I update the public draft in batches, not after every update made to the private draft. This is so that I can manage my progress as I go along, without publishing information which may be inaccurate or unreliable. I’m making sure that every quote I reference is duly cited and in cases where possible – I attempt to link to the source. Due to real world difficulties, I can’t dedicate much time per day to completing the article. So progress on some days would be more than progress on other days. I’ve seen criticism from some Christians that I haven’t responded to all of Jay’s arguments and I’d like to indicate to such people that this is a work in progress and not yet complete or finalized in any way.

I do not have a scheduled completion date, but most likely the article would be completed before Monday the 6th. While I’m thankful the document is getting a significant amount of views and is being circulated by a large number of people, I do hope that when the finalized article is published, that many more can benefit from it at that time. There have been different ideas as to what the next step is. Some have asked if I have sent Jay any of these questions from the document – I have, it was sent to him after the debate through a friend attending the debate, however he opted not to reply to them. Some have asked if it will be sent to him and my response to this is that I believe he was already made aware of the document. Others have asked why Dr. Shabir has chosen not to reply to Jay’s claims or if I’m writing this on behalf of Dr. Shabir. I suggest that if one wants to question the reasons for the Dr.’s actions that they send him an email themselves. I would like to make it clear that he has not asked me to do this and I am unaware as to whether he knows about this document or not.

I will try to complete it as quickly as I can, but I ask for your prayers and patience during this time.

and Allaah knows best.

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