Pastor Gives Congregation Miracle Fuel to Drink

This video is very interesting. A Pastor claims to have changed fuel to pineapple juice in front of his congregation. He then called Christians to come up and drink the fuel and asks them what it tastes like. I did not expect this to continue the way it did. A young girl approaches him and I was fully convinced she was disabled in someway. Then a group of women walk up to him in the same way. I found it odd that the only people to walk up to him were disabled. It turns out, they were possessed by the Holy Spirit! I guess it’s easy to confuse walking as if they are mentally and physically disabled while high on bath salts with being possessed by the Holy Spirit. It got worse though, they began to fight each other for the bottle and when he put the microphone near them to ask what it tasted like, they began to scream and moan and wail and speak gibberish, or as some would call it, speaking in tongues. I don’t think this is representative of all Christians, but this is certainly one of the craziest things I’ve seen Christians do…..

and God knows best.

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