Spot an Error?


Sometimes we make mistakes when writing or citing sources. Most of the time we realise when an error has been made and we correct it, other times we only see an error when someone brings our attention to it. So, if you spot an error, send us an email or comment on the post and we’ll fix the error as soon as is possible. Errors don’t have to be spelling mistakes or wrong references, we could make factual mistakes as well – like when I referred to Erasmus as an atheist because I had read he was a humanist, or that time I referenced a wrong commentary but posted the right link to it. Most importantly though, sometimes I may post an article when provoked by someone’s dirty attack on Islam, like that image I posted earlier this week of Dr. Michael Brown – sure, he was wrong for attacking Islam but it was also wrong of me to make my response personal and so I’ve since edited that article.

As the site continues to grow, the greater the responsibility we have to ensuring that what we post is both accurate and respectable. This is a learning experience for all of us. We learn a lot from our readers who send us emails on articles we’ve posted or when they’ve shared one of our photos 500 times on Facebook. Every email sent, most comments posted are usually read but we can’t always reply to them all. So your voices are being heard, we do listen to our readers but we don’t always have the time to respond. With that having been said, fixing errors is our top priority as we want to provide you with accurate, factual and responsible information to help you understand Islam and defend Islam in a manner pleasing to Allaah.

So, if you spot an error, let us know!

and God knows best.

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