He is Risen: Muslim By Choice’s 2nd Coming

Earlier this year, a popular Muslim YouTube channel featuring hundreds of debates and inter-faith discussions was taken down by YouTube due to copyright strikes. However, Br. Marwan’s channel has been resurrected and the situation has been sorted. We’d like to welcome back Br. Marwan and we are once more very happy to have such a large collection of videos back online. May Allaah reward the brother for his hard work. Click here to go to his channel!

and Allaah knows best.


  • Salam Alaikum bro Ijaz, Alhamdiliah its good to be back on Youtube, May Allah (SWT) bless us and our families with peace, tranquility, strong Iman

  • Salaam Ijaz.

    Speaking of resurrection, what do you think of Mike Licona’s “catch-22 of Islam”? I feel that it is rather contrived and I think that anyone with good knowledge of the historical critical method could refute it. Would you have any material related to it/do you know anyone who has written on his argument?

  • Just fyi I solved the ‘catch 22 of islam’ and am discussing it with Mike’s organization through email now

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