Christian Love for Br. Ijaz

I’m not sure what ticked off this individual, but he does seem quite upset at Muslims and particularly at me. I don’t know who he is or why he’s messaging me, but he sure is angry. Based on his other messages, he does seem to be under the impression that I’m an immigrant to the UK though, which isn’t true, as we Trinidadians often say “I’m Trini to de bone“. I do often get hate mail in this form, nasty insults, threats, etc, this is just a sample of the messages sent:



On the other hand, this bloke might just be completely crazy and his faith of choice is completely coincidental. Experience though, and the many other messages strongly suggest that may not be the case. I pray that God guides this person and that they can live their lives being at peace with those who disagree with them. Ameen.

and God knows best.


  • Just a bit of advice bro.

    Posts like these and posts on what X Christian apologist said about Muslims is really ruining the website. We come here to read interesting and informative posts. Unfortunately these types of posts have been becoming a trend lately. They’re not very helpful, and frankly gives an impression that you actually care about what they say about you or about Muslims. Who cares, keep perfecting Allah (s.w.t)’s light with your blog posts, write useful stuff!

    Jazakallah khayr.

  • Jazakallaahu Khayran for the advice brother. I understand what you are saying, but I often post these little insights into how loving Christians treat us Muslims, because I want to demonstrate that they are very harsh and nasty towards us.

    You are correct though, there is little to learn from these kinds of posts. Please do comment and let me know if you think a post is not beneficial, this will help me in choosing what kind of content to post to the website. Your feedback is 100% acknowledged. May Allaah ta ‘aala reward you for your reminder, Ameen.

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