[Updated] James White, Shamoun and Friends’ Behaviour


The owner of the tabloid website claims:

“The difference between me and Paul Williams of course is that my Facebook is in private mode, while PW had his Facebook on public status.”

As of this posting, 8:36 PM (UTC 04:00), the extremist Christian’s page is still public. Lying about himself, for brownie points won’t work:



As we can clearly see, I am not his friend on Facebook and as of right now, his profile remains public, not private as he claims. I think this should be a lesson to Christian extremists, lying is a sin. Here we can see Sam Shamoun’s hateful and spiteful comments on his page. I guess this is what James and his gang of miscreants want to hide, but the truth will always show itself.

Original article:

When polemicists are among their friends, their true colors come out. As most of you would remember, I denounced Mr. White of Alpha and Omega Ministries for supporting and promoting a tabloid website that published stolen photographs and posted articles speculating on one person’s sexual tendencies. James took offense that I would not visit such a website, and he refused to denounce his partner in Islamophobia, Sam Shamoun (notorious for threats and insults). As it turns out, the very said owner of that website, on his own Facebook page encourages insults and gossip – the very kind that Sam and James enjoy. Here’s just a snippet of what the owner of said tabloid website encourages:


Once again, James’ and Sam’s friends have an addiction to involving Muslim speakers in their sexual fantasies. In fact, one of the Christian extremists in this photo, even claims he records everything I say and do – in the real world, we call this stalking. This is the same individual who steals photos off of Muslims’ pages and uses those photos to invent sexual stories about Muslims. Here, we can see one of these Christian extremists, engaging in his zoophilia fantasies by listening to a recording of my voice.

I was also informed that one of these Christians suggests that referring to Christianity as Pauline Christianity, sees such a labeling as an insult. It may then shock this extremist to read any classical Christian or contemporary scholastic works on Christianity by Christians which use this term constantly. If he has an issue with such a term, one has to ask what works of his own scholars he is using. I cannot blame him for his anger at being linked to the Apostle Paul, or his strand of Christianity, it would cause me anger as well. These extremists are commenting under an edited version of a discussion I had with Shamoun. On James’ program, I requested that Shamoun release the unedited version – he refused. He mentioned that side comments were removed, when I asked if by side comments he meant insults and curses, I received no reply and Sam left. Absolutely incredulous and purely Christian behaviour.

We pray and ask that God protects us from the fantasies and sexual perversions of these Christian extremists.

and God knows best.

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