Rabbi says women shouldn’t drive

Coming from the ‘only democracy‘ in the Middle East, the Times of Israel reports:

Amnon Yitzhak, renowned for convincing hordes of secular Israelis to embrace religious observance – by warning them, among other methods, of the grisly fate that awaits them in hell should they persist in their errant ways — explained that women should not operate the horseless carriage because in the past only men drove horse-drawn vehicles, Walla reported (Hebrew) on Tuesday.

Yitzhak made the assertion during a lecture last week — the report didn’t say where it took place — citing various rabbis who had all ruled, he said, that a driver’s seat was for men only.

Asked by a female member of the audience if women were nevertheless permitted to drive for a good cause, Yitzhak responded in the negative, comparing the scenario to someone who steals in order to give to charity.

“It is immodest for a woman to drive,” he asserted.

Check out the full article here.

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