oh shammy, you never disappoint.

  • did anyone catch these pagans ?
    if eating pork/shrimp/bacon has no affect on your spirituality /heart then by the same logic why does dressing in womans clothing? these pagans have relaxed the rules and commands in the torah because their god temporarily got his created pagan flesh HOOKED /pegged to 4×4 planks of wood and because of that act to himself , he has cooled down and relaxed the rules/commands in the ot. why so much ANGER against dressing as a woman when if the son became a woman and bled every month , then he would also wear women clothing.

    what does yhwh say about idols and idolatory:

    destruction of idolatry and idol worshippers…

    a jew wrote:

    Ideally, Eretz Yisraél should be free from all idolatry—which includes chrstianity (but not Islam)—and, God willing, in the time of the King-Mashiyaḥ it will be so. However, until that time, we have to tolerate idol-worshippers in our “midst”.

    Moreover, God commands us in His Torah to loathe and despise all idol-worshippers (and, again, that includes chrstians)….

    Burn the carved statues of their gods in a fire; don’t desire the silver or gold that decorates them and take it for yourself in case it entraps you: it is disgusting to Adonai your God. Don’t bring anything disgusting like that [i.e. like the precious metals that decorate the gentiles’ idols] into your house or you will become ḥérem like them [i.e. like the idol-worshippers] — you are to feel total revulsion and utter disgust for each of them because they are ḥérem.” (D’varim 7:25-26)

    and I repeat that this includes chrstianity, which IS idolatry (whether chrstians like to admit it or not).

    but why do christians convert to buddhist worship or vishnu worship , when yhwh himself says that worship of other diety has affect on the heart/spirituality and allegiance to other than god? and didn’t yhwh say to kill idolatorer before he infects the people with idol worship?

  • according to thier theology god CAN FORM within himself human nature and take on human private parts
    what is stopping this god from taking on female private parts?

    according to thier theology was a male “saviour” saving females or was it a transgendered god who was “saviour” for both maleand female and both are 1 with him?

    if there is neither male/female under a “saviour” god then what prevented jesus from wearing a skirt was the culture of that time, and if the culture bigged up women to the status of man then jesus would wear skirt no problem and even incarnate with female parts.

    why do you think dave wood was trying to force the female out within him?

  • they will say that when you cross dress u are making yourself what you are really not. male is male and female is female and there is a difference. but what about when a diety takes on male private parts? why does he make himself out to be what he is not? why does gender less diety wear gender when he is dieing for gender? i as a human have a private part because it has FUNCTIONS , but why does a diety wear one when he don’t have sexual thoughts?

    if god said DON’T eat pork and you eat pork then this is DISOBEDIANCE. god knew what was good for you and you disobeyed him

    if god said don’t dress like a woman and neither woman like a man, then god knew what was good for you and david wood disobeyed him

  • Ok I dont know what to make of it. Is Mr David a transvestite?

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  • Hi Mansubzero
    You make the most silly of comments talking about genitals etc you have no respect for the eternal God just by the comments you make.

    You talk about not eating pork who was that command given to? Was it given to Jews or Christians?

    Perhaps David Wood is mocking what is in the Hadith about your prophet and his wife clothes maybe you can explain this.

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