CL Edwards Insults and Attacks the Wrong Muslim

بِسۡمِ ٱللهِ ٱلرَّحۡمَـٰنِ ٱلرَّحِيمِ ,

CL Edwards is known for his outrageous comments for the purpose of attention getting. Earlier this week he seems to have gotten a bit of ‘Ijaz – fever’ and has been making some weird and unusual posts about me, especially in places where I am most certainly not involved in the least. One such example is a post by Br. Qmark concerning Christianity and Tawhid al Asma wa Sifat. CL found issue with this post and decided to ‘refute’ it, yet for some reason the post is littered with references to me, Br. Ijaz, when in fact I am not the author of the article. This leads me to question CL’s motives, reasoning and literacy, on the same note it does allow me to believe that he created that post with the intention to berate and attack me. Here’s the post in question. Here’s Br. Qmark’s post. With the posts having been provided, let’s now see how many times CL’s obsessive rant mentions me by name and reference:

  1. Ijaz Ahmad(A Muslim youth who holds no ijazah/endorsement/ authorization/ordination in any Islamic science, nor has he had any formal education in Christian studies of any sort)
  2. There are more relevant verses he could have quoted.
  3. CC is known to be very sloppy when it comes to making implications from quotes.
  4. CC is also known for having no care for quoting the Bible…
  5. CC says, “No wonder to prove….
  6. He go’s on to cite a portion of a article…
  7. CC attempts to summarize…
  8. CC doesn’t believe Keith meant to say….
  9. CC believes Keith really meant to say….
  10. CC instead of addressing….
  11. CC then says the following….
  12. Ijaz then says “On the same reasoning….
  13. CC’s admin Ijaz does such things constantly….
  14. Ijaz then lists many things….
  15. ….doesn’t teach the humanization of God in the manner Ijaz accuses….
  16. CC further exposes his lack of knowledge….
  17. Again CC ignores the actual topic of the passage….
  18. ….nor what the verse he quoted is addressing….
  19. He then go’s on to quote….
  20. Ijaz then puts on his Dan Brown hat….
  21. Then laughably Ijaz proceeds to….
  22. Ijaz then says….
  23. He then says….
  24. Ijaz says “Trinitarians would easily….
  25. The real issue clearly is Ijaz’s psychological hang ups about the incarnation.

Come on CL, try to be a respectful adult, before you attack someone, I urge you to read properly. In respect to CL’s rant, Br. Qmark does have a reply which would be posted shortly.

wa Allaahu ‘Alam.

One comment

  • Allāh with you.

    I hope all of us understand this whole discussion is about something that will determine our eternal abode. We should deal with it with more respect and relevance.

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