Post Debate Remarks

بِسۡمِ ٱللهِ ٱلرَّحۡمَـٰنِ ٱلرَّحِيمِ ,

I began my preparation for this debate by watching Br. Paul Bilal William’s debates on the same topic, as well as Dr. Shabir Ally’s debate. I didn’t finish watching either debate because I became tired of the Christian arguments that were being used. They were identical. They simply went to the New Testament and the rest of the debate devolved into whose interpretation of the New Testament verses was more accurate. I realised that this was the argument that Muslims and Christians have been having for 1434 years. Whose interpretation of the same verses was more valid. After seeing this I decided that if I am to debate this topic, I would refuse to carry on this archaic tradition. It was time for something new. There are only two sources for which my opponent could have appealed to; the New Testament and the Old Testament. From this, my aim therefore was to negate the use of the New Testament, relegate my opponent to using the Old Testament and when he tried to use it, refute his claims and leave him without a foundation upon which to stand. In other words, my aim was to render my opponent as a headless chicken.

My method was as such:

  1. To be objective in our discussion we need to go to the primary source which mentions a Messiah.
  2. Hence any text after the Messiah could not be utilized if we are to be honest; thus negating both the Qur’aan and the New Testament.
  3. Ask my opponent where the Messiah is said to be YHWH or where YHWH is said to be the Messiah in the Old Testament; since neither can be found in the Old Testament, my opponent could no longer use it.

It was my intention therefore to create such a simple methodology, that by negating any foundation for my opponent to argue upon, he would be dumbfounded, confused and make horrendous mistakes. As Allaah ta ‘aala willed, it was as exactly as I planned. My opponent began his arguments with appealing to the New Testament, then by affirming the Ecumenical Creeds and lastly by placing the New Testament Christological interpretations into Old Testament verses. From the get go he fell into my hands and I enjoyed it. At one point I got bored and began shopping on Amazon and talking with Br. Nazam from London. I even commented on a few Facebook statuses. It was absolutely hilarious to hear my opponent’s first rebuttal.

Real talk, straight up, CL was dumbfounded. He cautiously took the mic and failed to use all of his time. All he did was claim that in my opening statement I did not give my rebuttal to any of his arguments. That was his entire rebuttal to my opening statement. In his rebuttal he failed to:

  • Provide any justification for using the New Testament to prove Christ’s deity.
  • Provide any justification for interpreting the Old Testament texts through a Christological proto-orthodox lens.
  • Address my critique of his methodology.

So what was the result? CL was forced into preaching about his life as an ex-Muslim. At that point we had Muslims and Christians congratulating me on a momentous victory. What was funny to me was that CL was a Muslim for exactly half of my entire lifetime and he was unable to refute me, despite doing apologetics courses. I caught him off guard, brought new arguments and completely disarmed him. He didn’t know what to do. Seriously. He spent almost two minutes praising me in his conclusion as well, he had nothing to say, he couldn’t respond to the simple logic I used. I am not being boastful or prideful, but I am happy that haqq prevailed over baatil. CL got spanked horribly. We had no question and answer session as I was still medicated due to my post-op medication. Yet I was the one who stayed for about 15 minutes after the debate to take questions. CL fled immediately. Both Christians and Muslims were shocked that he ran away immediately after the debate.

The debate will be uploaded shortly. All I have to say is, I am happy it occurred, I got a chance to demonstrate how devastating simple arguments are and I am proud to have introduced new arguments into the fray of centuries old religious discourse. It’s also the first time in world history – to my knowledge, that a debate on Christ’s deity occurred and the opposing side did not quote the New Testament once. I hope to take up another debate soon and I pray that CL sees the reality of Islam soon, Ameen.

wa Allaahu ‘Alam.


  • Incredible! Congratz Ijaz!

  • God Bless you my brother.

    Inshaallah there will be more and more people find the truth of Islam listening to this debate.

  • Glory to God for and Congratz to bro Ijaz.

    I dont believe CL Edwards was ever a true Muslim or from , there is no trace of Islamic intellect and Arabic eloquence from his speech just typical boring American evangelist rambling just like Jay Smith.

  • @Ric: none of the reverts were ever true Muslims. They all just found a reason to hate Islam and nothing else mattered. Not even the truth!!

    P.S. Congratulations to Ijaz bro…..waiting for the video…:)

  • one of the deceitful thing that Christian apologetics, which CL Edwards did as well, uses to prove that Jesus Christ is GOD (which He Pbuh is not) are John 10:31 and John 10:32,

    but what CL Edwards didn’t quote was What did Jesus Christ Pbuh replied to the jews, making it seem like, Jesus remained silent to the accusations of the Jews, as if Jesus Christ was guilty of blasphemy.

    But of course, that is never the truth, Jesus replies in John 10:34-38.

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