The Muslim Response to Libyan Deaths About Anti-Islamic Video

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem
بِسۡمِ ٱللهِ ٱلرَّحۡمَـٰنِ ٱلرَّحِيمِ ,

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi had this to say via his Facebook Page:

Clerics and leaders who instigate Muslims to ‘defend the honor of the Prophet (saw)’ by attacking people who have nothing to do with insulting his honor, actually disrespect the memory of our Prophet (saw).

Yes, the movie was disgusting, but I’m sure the happiest person today is the person who made it, because his goal of smearing the Muslims has succeeded.

For how long will we tolerate such stupidity?

I strong encourage everyone to read what Ustadh Abu Eesa has written about this:

Ustadh Abu Eesa’s article can be read here, although you can still read what he had to say below:

Although contrary to popular belief, it isn’t through some incredible display of patience, forgiveness or even ambivalence that the majority of us in the West don’t respond with anger to inflammatory and abusive attacks via media/video/cartoons/whatever upon the Prophet Muhammad (upon whom be peace).

It’s actually because we just don’t find out about these things (I spend half my day reading about news and topical issues and I never heard a whisper about any video) due to the fact that they are often the work of a tiny number of sick bigots who most people utterly ignore. And why wouldn’t we ignore them? We’re talking about comparing mighty Prophets and irritating bugs. “The mountains are never shaken by the wind,” especially when it comes out of the backsides of such racist, xenophobic individuals. That was, until, you turn on the news channels to see Muslims in their own countries perhaps not feeling the same way about their own “mountains” of faith and belief, which seem to be rocked to the core every time a non-Muslim opens his or her mouth.

The Prophets of God particularly Muhammad and Jesus (may peace be upon them) have always been under a continual barrage of attacks and insults from the beginning of them being sent to mankind, to especially such times as now where the world operates on new levels with respect to “free speech”. Such insults are part and parcel of the price we pay in living in such democracies, and no we’re not happy about it but we certainly cannot accept the outrageous actions of those who would respond with wanton violence and murder against those who are utterly innocent or indeed those who are living under the protection of the Muslims regardless of their own personal and political beliefs.

Let me be clear: I do not condemn the atrocities such as the murder of the American Ambassador to Libya so that it makes the lives of Muslims in the West that bit easier, and to avoid revenge attacks on us or because it is the politically correct thing to do. No, absolutely not.

I condemn it because the religion of Islam doesn’t allow such an action. Common sense and a call to revise sensibilities clearly have failed with such people. So we have to focus on the only thing that might speak out to them: their religion. These militiamen have not just insulted themselves, but they’ve insulted their Prophet, the same Prophet who stated authentically and unequivocally,“Whoever kills a person who is granted protection by the Muslims shall not smell the fragrance of Paradise even though its fragrance can be smelt from a distance of forty years of travelling.”

In another narration the Prophet Muhammad (upon whom be peace) authentically stated that the Muslim who killed such a person had “betrayed God’s covenant” i.e. that he had broken his covenant and committed treason.

Let there be no doubt whatsoever in any Muslim’s mind: a non-Muslim entering upon a visa is under the protection of the Muslims, by Islamic law, by state law, and by international law. Indeed even a person residing under the country without a visa and simply believing that he is as protected as any other citizen would be, is under that same legal protection. And as for a member of a diplomatic corps? These individuals are afforded the very highest level of protection, security and guarantee from the Muslims. An attack on such embassy and diplomatic staff is completely and utterly prohibited.

It is embarrassing for me to have to write such a childishly obvious statement when it comes to murder but these are the times we live in. It is even more unbelievable that any practising Muslimshould not reflect on this before they act on their anger. Yet with the amount of ignorance we see these days from “practising” Muslims, we are sadly no longer shocked to read the sad headlines as we are seeing today of more destruction, murder and chaos all on Islam’s tab.

Forget the PR reasons. Forget the PC reasons. Forget common sense. Forget the fact that Muslims are now seen internationally to be as pathetic as the ignorant racist bigots who initiate such situations – actually, more pathetic. Forget the fact that the Muslims live 2nd rate lives in their own countries. Forget the other priorities.

Just don’t forget this: these responses of violence and chaos have nothing to do with Islam and for that, shame upon you for trying to claim it as such. May God forgive you. To any non-Muslims reading this, please forgive us for the actions of the murderers for they indeed know not.

Similar sentiments have been expressed by Br. Ibn Percy in his article here.Please share this article with your friends, whether Muslim or non-Muslim to demonstrate that we as Muslims wholly condemn the murder of any innocent persons and such actions are far removed from the religion of Islam. Today a demonstration in Libya was held against the killings:


You can view the many images here via the group’s Facebook page.

wa Allaahu Alam,
and Allaah knows best.

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