The Final Words of Jesus by David Wood

Special Guest Speaker, David Wood helps us understand the final words of Jesus in the New Testament.

If the video does not show, please click here to view.

The New American Bible states on this passage (as provided by Br. Paul):


and God knows best.


  • Brother Ijaz, I don’t understand your point for criticizing that verse, as the comment on YouTube suggests. So is Luke 23:34 valid scripture or not?

  • Here is the answer I gave on YouTube, I am willing to explain the comment if anyone needs further clarification:

    “Thanks for your question, it’s a very important one. The answer is a straightforward one. It’s not an either or situation, I accept that it has a place in the New Testament with respect to its genealogical solidarity from the late 3rd, early 4th century onwards. As to the ausgangstext, I do not believe it was a part of it. The acceptance of the variant unit is based on which developmental stage of the text one is referring to. I hope that answers your question.”

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