Missionary Mishap: Scholar Schools McLatchie

Have you ever had a scholar who specializes in your field of interest completely discredit your grasp of the field entirely? I haven’t, most people haven’t, but Jonathan McLatchie has.


Here’s the scholar’s credentials as of 2014. Five pages worth of academic qualifications spanning multiple disciplines including Judaeo-Christian theology, history and  Biblical languages. After having explained who he was and stating his credentials, none of which Jonathan can match,  I was shocked to see that Jonathan still couldn’t figure out why a scholar with more academic credentials and study would consider Jonathan to be unqualified. Perhaps Jonathan can let us know what his theological qualifications are, how many Biblical languages he knows and how many classes at University he’s taught on Islam and Judaeo-Christianity.

Scholarship, Jonathan, has deemed you totally unqualified…and it isn’t the first time either.

and God knows best.


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